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Calvin Klein Collection Reveals The Pre Fall 2016 Womenswear Designs


Easing us into the Fall Winter collections for the coming year Calvin Klein Collection and Designer Francisco Costa have revealed their effortlessly elegant Pre Fall 2016 collection. The eye-catching pieces with their emphasis on the season appropriate outerwear were designed by Mr. Costa’s inspiration coming from the artwork of English sculptor Barbara Hepworth. The new collection coming from the designer and his team masterfully takes the sentiment of the Spring Summer collection, taking the striking lines into a more colder season.

The dominating outerwear is shape with season appropriate nuances such as black, caramel and the tones of gray among other, in addition to the eye-catching photographic leopard print. The design team has styled the looks both with elegant pumps as well ask sneakers. Accessories and jewelry have a moment of their own in the spotlight of the new collection, for the jewelry pieces Francisco Costa worked with artist David Crloand.

Discover more of the new womenswear Pre-Fall Calvin Klein Collection after the jump:

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Patricia Zajacova

Patricia Zajacova for SCMP by Benjamin Kanarek


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