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Design SCENE Interview With Top Model ELLIOTT SAILORS

elliott sailors

For the January 2016 issue of Design SCENE (out now in PRINT & DIGITAL) our Deputy Editor Ana Markovic sits down for a chat with Elliott Sailors, who was photographed in New York by our contributor Sinem Yazici. Successfully modelling both in menswear and womenswear industry Elliott has single-handedly reshaped the way fashion agencies consider gender on their model boards.


Who is Elliott Sailors?

I am a woman who works as model – modeling both menswear and womenswear. I am also an actor, a singer and a writer. Who I am is someone who would like to bring more acceptance and freedom to the world.

What comes more naturally to you modeling menswear or womenswear (and why)?

I don’t think there’s much of anything natural about modeling. Of course we’re supposed to make it look natural and after some time it does feel natural, but I don’t think what I’m wearing necessarily has anything to do with it. It’s all learned, then unlearned, constructed and deconstructed.


How did your professional transformation reflect in your personal life?

How did my haircut reflect in my personal life? It didn’t, except that it made my personal life more public.

We understand that you don’t really care about labels in life, so instead we’ll just ask what is your favorite fashion label (brand)?

There is no way I could choose a favorite, but I can say I am completely in love with everything Alessandro Michele has been doing at Gucci!


After working for over a decade in the fashion industry is there any modeling job you would really like to get?

I would love any job where I could be so blessed as to shoot with Annie Liebovitz, Peter Lindbergh or Paolo Roversi. I find them all extraordinary masters with whom I would be incredibly honored to work.

What have you learned from the fashion industry?

The clothes that we wear and the way in which we adorn ourselves can be entirely a reflection of who we know ourselves to be or they can be our greatest disguise. Either way, fashion always tells a story and keeps daily life incredibly interesting.

What is the favorite piece of clothing in your closet? Do you have signature fragrance?

Honestly? My favorite piece of clothing is an old flannel shirt. My favorite fragrance and the one I wear most often is Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.


Any guilty pleasures? Something that no one knows about you?

Nothing that no one knows, but what only a few know I think I’ll keep that way.

What’s the weirdest comment or question you’ve received via social media?

I can’t think of anything especially odd at the moment. The ones I remember are the kind messages. I am so touched when people write to tell I am doing something that has made such a difference for them. Truly, I am honored that my work has allowed others to feel more at ease with themselves and in the world.

Last TV show you binge watched?

Person of Interest

What book are you currently reading?

The Idiot by Dostoyevsky and Hold Still by Sally Mann.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Living somewhere green, outside of New York City. And I look forward to having more time to pursue my love of acting and singing.

I just want to continue telling stories and keep people asking themselves the questions they may never have asked before.

Photographer Sinem Yazici –
Stylists Charles Ward & Lara Glassman
Makeup Artist Brian Dean
Hair Stylist Kelley Foyt

Keep up with Elliott on Instagram @elliottsailors


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