Lysting Gold For The Party Season


The endless battle between gold or silver, is something close to the battle of evil and good in your favourite action heroes franchise. Nevertheless, the struggle is real especially during the fast approaching Holiday Season. If gold might be too much of a distraction for your office attire, it certainly is not during a night out, and even less so on a big moment such as New Year’s eve. Therefore for this occasion, gold looks to us like the right choice, and helping us narrow down our list was the much talked about Lyst site, where we create our own Party Planning Lyst.


It’s a common knowledge choosing jewelry is a delicate affair, too much can take away from your look, however with the right accessories even a simple whit tshirt and a pair of denim trousers turn into the gold winning ensemble. Adding an instant polish to your festive party look is easy to achieve with a selection of gold pieces. Even tho jewelry trends literally shift every month making you leave piles of earrings and bracelets behind (just remember the long forgotten neon jewelry trends!), a return to gold is eminent.


However a taste for more refined jewelry is taking the lead at the moment, where gold as well as silver pieces are the ones that really bring up the impact to your look. Mix and matching by adding a pair of bold cuffs to your ensemble, or even better take a pair of two identical cuffs and you will get your head-turning statement look.


Thankfully for our party planning taken jewelry styling we found all the help we need on Lyst Jewelry page, where we were able to go through the latest collection on the market released by top fashion designers. Going gold this season are international design houses such as Roberto Cavalli, J.Crew, Stella McCartney, Marc JacobsChloé as well as Atelier Swarowski.

As much as a jewelry choice is important so is the makeup accompanying your selected pieces. Many designers, during the recent womenswear ready to wear shows in Paris, treated makeup as jewelry itself. For example, models on a much talked about Dries Van Noten show looked very much makeup free, however while there was not a tube of lipstick on the makeup tables gold eye-liners where the focal point behind the inspiration. However the eyeliners did not end up on models’ eyes, instead the makeup artists used them on their lips. The makeup team created a tiny golden line down the lip, which could easily be taking for a piercing, creating an instant wow effect.

Image above top model Fei Fei Sun backstage at Dries Van Noten; jewelry images courtesy of Lyst.

Sabrina Ioffreda

Sabrina Ioffreda for Harper’s Bazaar Kazahkstan by Shxpir

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Blue Waters by Tom Wawnik for Design SCENE Magazine