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#MFW Stella Jean Fall Winter 2016 Collection


Designer Stella Jean presented her Fall Winter 2016 menswear collection during the recently wrapped up Milan Fashion Week. Designer already known for her unique take on prints, has found a multi-cultural inspiration for the latest collection.

At the core of Stella Jean’s FW 2016-2017 collection there is the multiracial equation based on the theory of cultural hybridity, in which the forms and colors of garments are nothing but the different degrees of geographical latitudes and disparate traditions, and they represent the variables of opposing cultures talking together in the same look. Who can judge, and consequently categorize, the hybrid result of the (genetic) combination between a Chinese and an Italian, or even between a Cameroonian and an Irishman, a Ukrainian and a Thai? Such a mixture will always lead to an equation where the result maintains the principles of the unknown, of an unpredictable cultural weaving. What is these new guys’ ‘race’? Which box must be ticked between the three currently present in population censuses?” – from Stella Jean

Discover more of the collection after the jump:

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All Images courtesy of Stella Jean

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