The Devil in the Detail


Coco Chanel’s statement that she removes one accessory before leaving the house has become, much like Coco Chanel herself, iconic. Certainly over-accessorizing can lead to a your outfit resembling your family Christmas tree that no one could quite agree on a theme on for, but it might be time to approach this quote differently. Coco Chanel’s times were ruled by understatement and simple elegance, which will no doubt always be in style, but nowadays there are so many different approaches to fashion that one rule couldn’t possibly fit all. A more modern day fashion icon with a very different stylistic approach, Rachel Zoe, once stated: “Accessories are everything”. And you know what, I’m inclined to agree with her.


Accessories are everything. They are the magic ingredient that make any outfit sparkle. Without them, jeans and a tee really are just jeans and a tee. Accessories are the pop, sparkle and bang of your outfit. No, that’s not exaggerating. Just consider the plethora of bags in particular that have become absolute icons. Owning an elegant Hermes Birkin bag, a cool Balenciaga City bag or the bohemian Alexa bag by Mulberry is an instant style statement no matter what you wear these bags with. Shoes are no different: Christian Louboutin’s red soles, the emblematic Mary Janes or McQueen’s slightly less practical Armadillo shoes have all earned their spot in the fashion hall of fame.


Fashion-lovers frequently declare that clothing is an expression of the self and that no other item is as revealing as accessories are. They are an opportunity to infuse an outfit with your personality. Imagine for example you could only wear one dress for a whole year but had access to an unlimited amount of accessories. The variation of shoes, bags and jewellery alone would enable you to create a different outfit every day with a different feel.

Of course shoes and bags are not your only options when it comes to accessories. Changing your necklace from a delicate silver chain to a brightly coloured statement piece will immediately alter your outfit. Similarly an eclectic mix of rings is an entirely different look to just that simple golden ring you inherited from your grandmother.


Just by choosing the right accessory you can prove your fashion know-how, even in the most basic outfit. Watches, for example, have experienced a recent surge of popularity amongst the well-heeled fashion elite. Therefore adding a luxury watch, like one from this selection, to a chunky knit affords you instant style points. In fact, knowing what the up and coming accessories trends are is an easy way to update your wardrobe without having to do much shopping around.

So the next time you find yourself eyeing up Chloe’s most recent offering and not quite being able to justify the splurge, consider it an investment. After all, a timeless bag is more than just an accessory, it is a statement and a piece of art. One day it may even be an heirloom.

All images unpublished outtakes from our D’SCENE Magazine Versace exclusive collection feature photographed by Marco Cella with styling from Design SCENE Milan Editor Emily Lee.


Celine Spring Summer 2016 by Juergen Teller

Sanne Grasdijk

RertoGrade by Sanne Grasdijk for Design SCENE