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#NYFW IKUMI Fall Winter 2016 collection

Tokyo and NYC-based designer IKUMI took the New York Fashion Week to present the latest collection prepared for the fall winter 2016 season. The collection is mixture of black and white, oversized silhouettes, metallic accessories, geometric patterns and Japan-inspired prints.

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For more photos of backstage action continue bellow:
IKUMI-FW16-(3) IKUMI-FW16-(4) IKUMI-FW16-(5) IKUMI-FW16-(6) IKUMI-FW16-(7) IKUMI-FW16-(8) IKUMI-FW16-(9) IKUMI-FW16-(10) IKUMI-FW16-(12) IKUMI-FW16-(13) IKUMI-FW16-(14) IKUMI-FW16-(15) IKUMI-FW16-(17) IKUMI-FW16-(18) IKUMI-FW16-(20) IKUMI-FW16-(21) IKUMI-FW16-(22) IKUMI-FW16-(23) IKUMI-FW16-(25) IKUMI-FW16-(26) IKUMI-FW16-(27) IKUMI-FW16-(30) IKUMI-FW16-(31) IKUMI-FW16-(33) IKUMI-FW16-(34) IKUMI-FW16-(35) IKUMI-FW16-(37) IKUMI-FW16-(38) IKUMI-FW16-(40) IKUMI-FW16-(41) IKUMI-FW16-(42)
All images courtesy of IKUMI 

#NYFW Ikumi FW16 Backstage Moments

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