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#LFW Tata Naka Fall Winter 2016 collection

Tata Naka
 took the London Fashion Week to present their Fall Winter 16 womenswear collection. The collection is a celebration of the last days of the disco and the golden financial era that saw its demise.


In keeping with Tata Naka’s inkling for the unconventional, the AW16 collection channels different sources of inspiration with highly inventive results. A focus on the expiry of free-spirited decadence specifically examines one crucial era – the ‘last days the disco’, signalled by the Reaganomic 1980s. The heady days of Studio 54 saw an abrupt end in 1979, and Tata Naka embodies this cultural termination with ease. Whilst such a problematic part of history may seem difficult to convey, the AW16 collection successfully communicates the theme by placing hand-painted images of iconic disco queens (Donna Summers, Diana Ross and Grace Jones to name but three) onto old Wall Street Journal backgrounds. This juxtaposition of imagery sits alongside additional uniform pieces of the 80s – chiefly Yuppieinspired power suits and tailoring. These motifs are also utilised within fully beaded dresses and beaded appliqué pieces alongside UFO spaceship prints; the extra-terrestrial was a common theme of the era in popular culture, and as such, adds another historical element. Further highlights include woven jacquards and conservative wools in choice shades of grey, navy, olive, rust and monochrome. The contrasting bright colours used throughout the collection are produced in luxury printed silks. – from Tata Naka

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All images courtesy of Tata Naka

#LFW Christopher Raeburn FW16 collection

Hana Jirickova

Hana Jirickova for Beymen Spring Summer 2016