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Eliran Nargassi Fall Winter 2016/17 Menswear

Eliran Nargassi’s Fall Winter 2016/17 Menswear Collection is inspired by BDSM culture, and tension between Jewish religious and secular lives. The collection is a mixture of leather straps and metal rings that refer to BDSM culture and dress-shirts, coats, Bermuda shorts in wool, cotton and neoprene fabrics.


My collection for Fall Winter 2016-17 deals with secularism and worship. Three years ago, as part of my thesis; I designed a collection that was inspired by the tension between Jewish religious and secular lives, tension that was reflected in my life at the time. The current collection focuses on my own secularism while incorporating elements from the BDSM fantasy world, something I regard as secular worship. The collection is made of 27 pieces, limited to black, white and grays, made of wool, cotton, jersey cotton, scuba knit and neoprene. In the pieces I integrated my interpretations  of harnesses and other components from the BDSM sub-culture, such as slits and cuts in the fabric, oversized overalls accessorized with leather straps and metal rings, as well as tailored oversized T-shirts, dress shirts, Nehru shirts, dress pants, wool coats and Bermuda shorts, fusing  casual and elegant elements to create a cohesive collection. – from Eliran Nargassi

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All images by Merav Ben Loulou

Luxury Fashion Report 2016

#PFW Kenzo Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection