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#MFW Au Jour Le Jour Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection

Au jour le jour 
presented Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection during the Milano Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by the puzzles and their graphic.


Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez customize rebus working on the idea of perception. Touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight are explained through elements that define a new concept of embellishment: organza macro embroideries adorn tops and skirts, while satin ribbons unveil the solutions of the puzzles. Those elements come with bands and logo tags, recalling the distinctive logomania typical of the ‘90s sportswear. The silhouette is vertical, clean lines and shapes are combined with oversize or skinny fits and different lengths for a masculine, but always sexy, proposal. Even the fabrics reflect this ambivalence: woolen cloth and Prince of Wales are paired to see through tulle and organza; furs are inlaid, while Plexiglas maxi sequins are used as details of faux-fur coats, colorful or natural. Neutral tones lead the palette. Gray tones, black and nude are enlighten by red, fuchsia and the colors of the patterns. Sandals characterized by an essential design are embellished by charms, male flat by fringes. – from au jour le jour

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All images courtesy of Au jour le jour

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