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#PFW Rahul Mishra Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

Rahul Mishra presented Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection during the recent Paris Fashion Week. The collection named It Felt Love is inspired by Indian textiles and porcelain patterns and designs.


The world needs more compassion, love and freedom to heal itself in the times we are living.   There is love in the magical hands of human beings that weave a tapestry of design on different mediums. The form of expression varies. The forms of material vary. And in all the diverse crafts emerge the vividness and beauty. Of nature and mankind.   Telling tales of Indian textiles, narrating the intricacies of centuries old craft, and the deep ocean of wealth in handcraft of India, the journey this season brings on board diverse influences and timeless traditions.   The Fall 2016 line encapsulates multi cultural influences. The intricate tying and dyeing of fabric (Bandhini), using patterns and designs that emerges from the beauty of porcelain adds newer dimensions to the craft. The predominant blue that comes from the porcelain ancestry also symbolizes the spirit of Paris – the city of love, which bounced back with its strong resilience and indomitable spirit.   The collection seamlessly mixes Merino wool with bandhini on silk and blends the beauty of centuries old draping methods from India. Each garment brings to life confluence of traditional techniques, and hand skills interspersed with abundance detailing. It takes forward the brand ideology of preserving beautiful stories of people, process, and craft. – from Rahul Mishra

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All images courtesy of Rahul Mishra

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