Botero: Celebrate Life! at Kunsthal Rotterdam

Ferndando Botero’s exhibition Celebrate Life! is taking part at the leading cultural institution in the Netherlands, Kunsthal Rotterdam from 2 July to 11 September 2016. The exhibition is a selection of artist’s favorite works from his own collection, including almost a hundred paintings, sketches and pastels as well as a few sculptures. (image Dancers)

Visitors will be able to see paintings of life in Latin America based on reminiscences from his youth, and reproductions of classical masters in the recognisable Botero style. The bull-fight and the circus are also featured in these works. Botero’s art is full of Latin American life. The gigantic, inflated bodies and objects appear weightless in spite of their volume, which sometimes even seems to make them look as if they are floating. This volume is a recurrent feature in Botero’s work and gives his art an exuberance that can be comical or moving. The series of female Santas, inspired by the iconic images of female saints, is remarkable. Botero represents them as worldly heroines with meaningful accessories such as a bible or candle, putting their halo in sharp contrast with their clothing and posture.  – from Kunsthal Rotterdam

The exhibition opens to the public at 10:00 hrs on Saturday 2 July. Fernando Botero will be present in the Kunsthal from 13:00 hrs for an Artist Talk and to sign the exhibition catalogue.

See more Botero’s artworks after the jump:

03_Santa_Dorotea_Botero_KunsthalSanta Dorotea

04_Girl_Bitten_by_Dog_Botero_KunsthalGirl bitten by dog

07_Self_Portrait_with_Guardian_Angel_Botero_KunsthalSelf portrait with Guardian Angel


15_The_Bathroom_Botero_KunsthalThe Bathroom

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