DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Casual Fall by Debora Brune

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Fashion photographer Debora Brune teams up with the striking Alice represented by Storm Models for a recent session captured exclusively for DESIGN SCENE STYLE stories. In charge styling was Vanessa Przybyla who for the session selected pieces from ASOS, TOPSHOPicon, ADIDASicon, PUMA, MISS SELFRIDGE to name a few.

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sweater Topshop trousers Asos shoes Puma

DSC_4812-Bearbeitet shirt Adidas trousers Topshop shoes Puma

DSC_4929-Bearbeitet Pullover Vintage Trousers Replay

DSC_4999-Bearbeitet blouse Vintage trousers Levi’s

DSC_5011 blouse Vintage trousers Levi’s

DSC_5104 turtleneck Miss Selfridge  jacket and skirt Topshop shoes Puma

DSC_5129-Bearbeitet turtleneck Miss Selfridge  jacket and skirt Topshop shoes Puma

DSC_5264 sweater Topshop trousers Asos shoes Puma

DSC_5286-Bearbeitet sweater Topshop

DSC_5394 dress Asos shoes Puma

DSC_5401 dress Asos

Photograper Debora Brune
Model Alice at Storm Models 
Stylist Vanessa Przybyla
Assistant Julian Barth