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Why More Brides Are Bucking the White Wedding Dress Trend

Weddings are steeped in traditions that go back hundreds of years. But they are also extremely personal events that represent the life and love shared by two unique individuals. Striking a balance between tradition and personal taste can be a challenge for some couples.

In recent years we’ve noticed a few wedding trends that are dramatically changing. Unconventional wedding rings and custom jewelry designs are beginning to surpass the traditional diamond solitaire. Wedding dress designs are also expanding to include many more options.

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As far as wedding dresses are concerned, it’s a real symbol of the modern day woman’s independence. More brides are paying for their own weddings, and they aren’t compromising on getting exactly what they want. But there are many reasons why brides are choosing to forgot a white wedding dress. Three of the most commonly cited reasons include:

They don’t like the connotation of it representing virginal purity.
They want something more unique and noteworthy.
They don’t prefer wearing white.

Your wedding dress should embody your personal style and make you feel absolutely beautiful on your big day. If that means going with your favorite color or a hue that looks amazing against your skin tone, then buck the white dress trend for one of these options.

Dreamy Creamy Wedding Dresses

The biggest trend right now is cream colors. Cream wedding dresses are extremely popular for fall weddings because they fit so well with the season. Regardless of the wedding date, a lot of brides choose cream-colored dresses because it’s a nice balance between traditional and non-traditional.

The one issue brides run into is finding a dress design that fits their style. In the past, cream wedding dresses were primarily worn by mature brides that were getting remarried. Although that trend is changing, many of today’s cream dresses still skew a little matronly. 

Outrageous Colors for the Unconventional Brides

Remember when Gwen Stefani rocked an electric pink ombre wedding dress for her 2002 nuptials to Gavin Rossdale? It instantly became iconic and catapulted the colored wedding dress trend. Suddenly thousands of brides were inspired to incorporate a rainbow of colors into their white gowns.

Some brides go subtle with a pop of color, but others choose a dress without a hint of white. And all colors are on the table. Wedding dress designers are dreaming up gowns in every color under the sun, including black.

Prints That Demand Attention

A fair number of brides are pushing the envelope even further with prints. And why not? Prints are fun and festive, which is perfect for a wedding.

Floral motifs are by far the most popular prints, but that’s not the only available option for non-traditional brides. Paint splatter, tie-dye, swirls, watercolors – no prints are off-limits for today’s bride.

Glittering Metallic Gowns

One of the latest and hottest wedding dress trends is metallic. Metallic colors have become increasingly popular for wedding décor over the last decade and now they’ve made their way to wedding dresses. Soft gold, silver, and pewter are adding major wow-factor to all dress styles.

Like prints and colors, some brides choose to subtly incorporate metallic accents while others go all out with glittering fabric. Lamé is a great material because it offers high shine and comfort. Shiny satin can also create a metallic impression in the right color. Of course, sequins are another popular option whether you want to add a touch of shine or all-over sparkle.

If anyone is giving you grief about not wearing a white wedding dress give them a little history lesson. White wedding dresses weren’t en vogue until 1840 when Queen Victoria wore one to her wedding. Back then white was the color you wore during mourning, but Victoria didn’t care one bit. She bucked the tradition and chose the dress she liked best – and so should you!

Images: Elishka Ku for Design SCENE Magazine by Jurgen Knoth


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