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Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Are You Ready For What Comes Next?

We’re not talking about married life; you’ll get there soon enough. What we’re talking about is the painstaking process of preparing for the wedding. The rule of thumb is to allot at least one year of planning if you want to throw a party. That may sound like plenty of time, but it’s just enough head start to book a venue, especially if it’s a popular pick among would-be newlyweds.

But before choosing a venue is more than just searching for a golf course wedding venue near me, there are some things you need to consider, such as:


It may seem obvious that budget is the primary concern for many couples. But what they fail to realize is that the budget doesn’t include just the rental fee. It also includes the transportation fees for photographers, videographers, makeup artists, coordinators, and other necessary personnel. If it’s a destination wedding, lodging costs should be factored in as well. So when you’re scouting a venue, calculate the other expenses you will incur to hold your wedding there.


Some venues work better for some themes. A castle suits a fairytale wedding, while a ranch goes with a rustic wedding. Or you can opt for something in between – elegant yet comfortable, dreamy yet homey – like Chateau Polonez. Polish owner Ania and her team offer their wedding venue in East Texas as an option for couples who want to tie the knot in a European-style grand ballroom surrounded by manicured gardens and natural woods. But whether that fits you or not depends on your taste. The important thing is that you settle on a theme early on.


You don’t need to cite an exact number of guests at the early planning stages, but you should decide as soon as possible on how long your guest list will be. Do you want a big celebration of 200 guests or more? Or do you want a small intimate gathering of 30 people or less? Determining the range right away will help you save time by narrowing down your selections. Too many options can leave you feeling overwhelmed.


If you’re planning to get married in April, a flower garden may be suitable. But the same venue may not work if you’re getting married in December. Outdoors or indoors – that depends on the season, too. A pleasant weather is necessary to make an outdoor wedding a success. And even if you choose an indoor venue, think about how your guests will reach the place depending on the season. Is it prone to being snowed in, if you plan to get married in the winter? Does the venue have ample air conditioning, in case you want a summer wedding? Your wedding date influences your choice of a venue.


After you’ve decided on the season, next to consider is the time of day (or night) you want to get married. If you want a morning wedding with a brunch reception, choose a venue known for beautiful sunrises to get the best photos. If you want an afternoon wedding with a dinner reception, pick a venue with gorgeous sunsets. Aside from the view, you also have to think about how your guests will get there. Depending on where you’re holding your wedding, you may have to provide special provisions for guests arriving early before a morning ceremony or leaving late after an evening reception.

Choosing a venue takes work because you have several things to assess, but don’t let the effort weigh you down. Take on this task with your partner, and have fun going through different options.

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