DESIGN SCENE HOME: 5 Tips for Creating a Living Room Focal Point

Every room within the home should have a focal point; after all, you want to ‘wow’ your guests with a statement feature. Your goal should be for your guests to remember your home for all the right reasons once they have said goodbye.

To help you do so, we’re providing five tips for creating a living room focal point.

1 Statement Lighting

Nothing can impress your guests quite like beautiful lighting, as they are bound to spot a beautiful pendant as soon as they walk through the door. When harmonized with the right colors, furnishings and fabrics, statement lighting can add a finishing touch to a stylish interior design. Buy hanging lights that will showcase your personality, and have your chosen lighting be the envy of your family and friends.

2 A Picture-Perfect Feature Wall

Bring a wall to life by carefully adding different sized photo frames to a wall. Use varied textures and shapes to add a little personality, which will capture the attention of your guests. Choose meaningful photos to create an interior design that makes a house feel like a warm and friendly home. You could even install recessed lighting to emphasize the photos and frames. Make sure to play around with dimensions, however, avoid the dangers of having an overstuffed, cluttered wall.

3 A Roaring Fireplace

Nothing is more inviting than a roaring fireplace. Fireplaces can easily become a focal point in any living room. Simply turn cozy armchairs towards a fireplace to create an intimate space within the home, add a favorite photograph or decorative accessory onto the mantle, and if it’s a traditional woodburning fireplace, have a beautifully laid out basket of logs beside your fireplace. Doing so means you’ve created a cozy space where you can snuggle up, read, and maybe even cook S’mores on an open flame.

4 Highlight a Beautiful View

Sometimes the biggest focal point within a home could be its beautiful view, such as a mountainous landscape, stunning countryside, city scene or a coastal beach. Don’t hide it away from guests, and instead, showcase the landscape with a window seat. This romantic little nook is the perfect place to absorb the picturesque setting or to watch the sun rise or set. You could even frame the view by adding soft drapes that complement an interior.

5 A Striking Mirror

Add a touch of glamor and elegance to a living room by adding a statement mirror that has the wow-factor. If possible, position the mirror centrally on a wall to offer symmetry. You should also choose a style and shades that either harmonizes your color palette or offers a unique contrast. This is often a great idea if you have a small room with little lighting, as a mirror can reflect more natural light, which will make a space appear much bigger to your guests.

Choosing a focal point can be a little overwhelming, as you will not want to make a style faux pas. Aim to bring a little personality into your living room, and you can’t go wrong. If in doubt, the above tips can help to point you in the right direction.

All images from Izmailovo Apartment by Geometrium DSGN

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