Interior Design Tips for Tiny Houses and Spaces

The concept of tiny living is one that’s grown in popularity and picked up steam in recent years. People are embracing the idea of downsizing in a big way for many reasons, including the ability to eliminate debt and live a freer lifestyle. There are plenty of different options for living in a tiny home, from building a custom trailer-style home to moving into an RV.

Below are some tips to help you design your tiny home space, whether you’re looking for luxury RV interiors, or a rustic, bare-bones design:

Eliminate Partitions

When you’re living in a tiny home or even just a small space such as a studio apartment, it can be a good idea to eliminate any unnecessary divisions or partitions.

Even if you’re working with a limited amount of square footage, if you can create a functional, open design it’s going to feel bigger and more open. Separating the space in unnecessary ways is the last thing you want to do with your interior design.

Go Digital

Going digital might not seem like an interior design or style tip, but it is. When you live in a very small home, space is limited, and you want to live a lifestyle that’s as streamlined as possible. With this in mind, go digital with all of your paperwork and files, whether work or personal. Create a digital filing cabinet that will let you manage everything without having to take up valuable space in your small home.

Choose High-End Finishes

If you have the opportunity to customize your tiny home, go with really high-end, luxurious finishes, such as flooring and tile. You’ll still save a ton of money because you need such a limited amount of these items, but it will elevate the overall aesthetic of your tiny house. Take advantage of the small amount of space you have to design from this perspective.

Toe Kick Drawers

Another excellent design element to include in your tiny home is hidden toe-kick storage. You can add drawers at the bottom of your existing cabinets that are hidden and out-of-the-way and take up no extra space.

When they have a toe kick feature, you don’t have to worry about bending over to access them, and you’re bringing your available storage all the way to the ground, without making existing space look cluttered.

Keep the Color Palette Light

To make your tiny home feel fresh and airy, keep the color palette light. You don’t have to go only with white but aim for creamy grays or creams. It’ll keep the space looking warm, inviting and more open, as well as larger. Bold, loud colors tend to be extremely limiting and overwhelming in a small space.

Finally, try to keep the area that’s above waist height uncluttered, clean and simple. If you have things above that point in your tiny space, it will make it feel smaller and more closed in. Try to keep this in mind when adding things like cabinets and shelves. You can also extend the appearance of the ceiling height by hanging curtains high, or if you’re designing your own space, including tall windows.

Images from Camden Loft by Craft Design


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