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What Yoga Clothes Do You Really Need?

Since the popularity of yoga has been constantly growing it should come as no surprise to see the huge diversity that is currently available on the market. The truth is that you do not need the best designer yoga clothes if you want to practice this sport at home or in the studio. Also, just as with everything in fashion, there is subjectivity that steps in to change what one person would want to buy when opposed to another one.

One of the very first questions that people ask when they want to start doing yoga is what they should wear. The truth is that there are countless options available. Many factors will affect your decisions, like yoga style practiced, personal style and, of course, what you feel most comfortable in. This is why in a yoga class you are going to see people that wear so many different things from really tight jerseys to loose clothes.

Looking For The Best Yoga Clothes For You

When you look for womenswear yoga clothes it is vital that you buy those that will make you feel comfortable while allowing a complete range of movement. That practically means that a really old t-shirt and shorts may be exactly what is needed or you may want to buy a tank top and high quality yoga pants. Generally speaking, wear form-fitting clothes. This helps teachers to see what your alignment is. Form-fitting shirts will prevent slippages as you change poses.

Yoga Pants

The yoga pants of the past were loose and relaxed. Now they are pretty high tech and tight-fitting. It is much more common to see sweat-wicking materials and highly supporting seams in yoga pants. There are so many yoga clothing brands that appear every single year. The big ones actually start to receive a lot of negative feedback as customers are much more knowledgeable than in the past.


The correct yoga pants will elevate the entire practice. They make you feel completely comfortable so you can focus on the pranayama and asanas instead of having to pull on the pants. No matter what many think, yoga is physical.

Bikram Yoga Clothes

We have to mention this because Bikram yoga will be practiced in a room that is much hotter than we see as normal. Less clothing should be worn when going to class. Tank tops, shorts and sport bras are highly recommended and they have to be made out of material that is high-performance. If not, you simply end up sitting in sweat. Having a yoga towel with you is always a good idea.

Men Yoga Clothes

For men, muscle tanks and t-shirts are generally really good. Leggings, biking shorts or athletic shorts are also recommended. As with women, the idea is to go for something that is comfortable. You can always get a little silly or add your fashion sense to your workout clothes but comfort is by far the most important thing that has to be considered when shopping for yoga clothes for men. Full motion range is necessary at all times.

All images from STEELE Active Lookbook SS18 by photographer Igor C.

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