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Best Superhero Hideouts

Have you ever wandered how much your favourite superheroes hideout would cost in the real life housing market? This wonderful infographic will walk you through just this. Firstly, the castle of doom, in the dark heart of eastern Europe lies the tiny nation of Latveria, here lies the hideout of Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis Doctor Doom. Little is know what happens inside of this 110 room castle, only one can imagine. An estimated price of this property would be around £30 million depending on the size and how many bedrooms the castle has (20).

Peter Parker’s apartment, obviously the home of your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Located in Queens, New York He struggles to balance his crime fighting duties with the demands of normal life. The estimated worth of this apartment would be around £235K based off the location and size. We have also given this a house party rating of 5 out of 10 depending on the sort of house party you could have in this sort of space. Harlands, an estate agent in Leytonstone have created this infographic to educate all of the superhero fans from around the globe on everyone’s favourite superhero hideouts.

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