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Discover REDValentino Spring Summer 2018 Collection

REDValentino presents the spring summer 2018 collection. Inspired by the metropolitan dream, keeping the dreaminess, not forgetting the randomness, adding resilience, and toughness. the collection includes transparent and flouncy silhouettes in black, green, nude and oxblood nuances.

The bywords: dynamism, athleticism, romanticism.A sporty take on gentleness. Romance, from an urban perspective. Instinct: a way to put things together, following individual whims. Letting things clash, sharply yet calmly. Shorts and sports bags: the promise of speed. The varsity, the pullover, the duster; the kway and the little dress: addends of infinite combinations. There is no reason to hide fragility, even when marching through the concrete jungle. Sandals sprouting commando soles. Black leather taking the lead. Demureness, thrown on the sidewalk. A pagan spirit with a cosmopolitan stance. Nocturnal allure, and a taste for weightlessness. A hint of sensuality, running fast in basketball shoes. Letting things happen, as the mood suggests.

Spring Summer 2018 Collection

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All images courtesy of REDValentino

Martijn Senders

DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Elynne Keizer in Planetary by Martijn Senders

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