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The power role of the dress has changed significantly in the last decade, just as a black tee along with a pair of black jeans is an all accepted uniform your wear-everywhere dress can have the same effect. Today a dress can turn into a true fashion statement, you can be that girl who looks amazing, nevertheless has the je ne sais quoi, also is in possession of a perfect mix of chic with a touch of metropolitan edge. That girl is eye-catching yet hidden, but still can grab attention on a busy street. The girl who found ‘the one‘ is articulate with her style and knows what makes exceptional clothes look exceptional.

However the dress she is wearing is not by definition costing her a fortune, it does not come from a top brand fashion house, that girl is also not a fashion victim on the hunt for the next capricious runway trend. Instead, that girl is making the dress her own with a touch of styling, whether is with a good pair of shoes, a great bag, a book in your hands (designer Olympia Le Tan has made an industry crafting book cover clutches), or for the fall weather beautifully crafted Turkish towels may be the key. You can wear a Turkish towel as a scarf, as a light poncho, or if its too warm simply wrap it around your handbag.

Still, when we know accessory is as important as that chic-girl uniform dress, the question is how many of them do you need? You need just one, yes just one! A dress you can wear everywhere. You can easily name it a wear-everywhere dress – it needs to work anywhere, and to also suit everyone. It know knows no ages, no sizes, and is exceptionally ready for any time of day or night.

A quick Pinterest search for the perfect street style dress, will pin you onto endless boards, yet those that stand out the most are dresses that take you from day to evening. The piece that most easily takes you through variety of tasks you have on hand throughout the day. From hoping on the bus, to office hours and drinks after work – this sort of a dress turns not only into a perfect uniform for the day but also a true investment piece for your clothes.

Another note to your wear-everywhere dress needs to be the moment it makes you feel like you are in a cozy armour. The girl wearing it is ready to be shielded from the public, with a great doze of confidence because she is in that dress.

We come down to the moments when you already chose your perfect ‘soul mate’ and its clear to understand the effortless appeal of it. Your wardrobe project is deemed to turn into success – all you need to do is to style it up and style it down while at the same time never lose sleep over the garment falling out of fashion after a single season. You just as many girls out there are sure having to deal with never-to-be-worn dresses dominating your precious closet property.

However, there are a few very important aspects to any of these design miracles. The length – your dress needs to be of that appropriate length that is always right. Finding the right length will get you a dress that is ready for any age or any event. The cut needs to be a mid calf cut, it is at the same time an empowering length however also eye-catching enough to compliment your figure. Notably, the mid cut length is ready for any category of body shape, small or big its a gift from the heavens above. The result is a cool and chic elegance leaving you with cheerful garments. If opting for prints, go for a versatile design while staying away from audacious necklines.

Furthermore, moving on we come to the sleeve or not to sleeve situation? Our tip is to choose the sleeve situation, which for a light dress will protect you from the evil UV rays, while in the fall will help you leave that jacket at home.

The times to find the one are more exciting than ever, not to forget how affordable this whole project can be at a multitude of high street fashion stores at your hands reach such as the newly opened Arket or the classic go-to shops such as H&M, Topshop and Zara.  You do not have to be Chiara Ferragni and change your clothes 10 times a day, instead you can put on that one outstanding dress that will take you throughout your whole day.

Text by DESIGN SCENE Magazine Fashion Features Editor Katarina Djoric; All images photographed at Spring Summer 2018 new york fashion week by Ariane Poulin for DESIGN SCENE exclusives