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Exploring Prom Dress Styles That Would Make Any Girl Happy

Prom Dress Styles

With the prom just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start searching for a prom dress. With so many styles and designs available, the task will be far from easy. In fact, you could end up spending several weeks or months shopping through the many available options. (Above Gucci Dress)

To help ensure your shopping expedition is shortened to only a few days, a list of the latest styles is provided below.

Ball Gown

The ball gown style has been around for many decades. This style continues to draw the attention of young teens around the world, with its side cutouts and v-neckline. The waistline will compliment your size, while the bottom of the dress flares out to imitate a ball gown. This style is ideal for teenagers of all shapes and sizes.

Prom Dress Styles

Floral Dress from Dolce & Gabbana matched with kitten heal shoes from Aquazurra

The ball gown prom dress is also available with tulle, which really compliments this style. You can choose from a ball gown with straps or sleeves and a beaded or embroidered lace bodice.

Two Piece Style

A new style that is growing in popularity at a rapid pace is the two-piece. This dress includes a top and flared line skirt. While some teens prefer the two-piece prom dress with flowing chiffon layers and a beaded waistband, other will prefer the style with back cut outs and a crop top. The option is yours to make, so be sure to explore your options carefully. You really cannot go wrong with the two-piece prom gown, because it will compliment your style regardless of your size or body shape.

Before you make your final decision, be sure to conduct extensive research on the term prom dresses. You will definitely be shocked with the many available styles. Just remember that each style can be fitted specifically to your needs and preferences.

V-Neckline Style

Prom Dress Styles

Small V Neckline Dress from Galvan

Any girl looking to create the illusion of a longer silhouette should without a doubt go with the v-neckline prom dress. Why? Well, v-neckline dresses are truly unique, as they were specifically designed to draw the eyes upward, while making the torso look longer than it is. In addition to this, this type of prom dress will work with just about anybody type since it draws more attention to the face and elongates the neck and body. V-neckline dresses also come available in a variety of subcategories, depending on the designer that you are shopping with. Some designers will offer sexy, low cut halter style gowns, while others offer short knee length styles. Whatever style you are looking for, you shouldn’t have a problem finding it in the v-neckline style.

Strapless Style

Prom Dress Styles

Dress From Oscar De La Renta

Do you have a beautiful set of shoulders with a neck and face to match? If so, you should consider the strapless dress since the dress was specifically designed to show off the shoulder, face, and neck. With their flirty, elegant, and dun design these dresses are the go-to style for a lot of red carpets and fashion events, so you can probably expect to pay more for these styles. Keep in mind that you can rent or shop second handed to save a little money.

If you are not confident with your lower area or have a larger tummy these dresses will be perfect, because they draw all the attention upward towards the face, shoulders, and neck.

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