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Discover Rokh Fall Winter 2018 Womenswear Collection

Rokh, a brand to watch presents its Fall Winter 2018 womenswear collection during the latest Paris Fashion Week. The latest collection draws inspiration from fragilites, imperfections and interrogations.

Discover all the looks after the jump:


Looking for themselves.
Discovering themselves.
Experiencing themselves.
Making thoughtful mistakes along the way.


Garments as inquisitive processes.
Studied, dissected, slashed.
Assembled, disassembled, reassembled.
Taken apart, put back together, then peeled off.
Their use and structure questioned on a quest to define the self.

Brutal gestures, carried gently.
Straight cuts, multiplications of layers, sudden slashes.
Buttons run and straps coil.
Geometric patterns swarm, washing instructions get overblown.

The beauty of the incorrect.
Letting things clash, finding harmony in the riot of textiles, embroideries and prints.
In shades of khaki, black, blue, with slashes of yellow and a smattering of light blue.

A twist of the taste and twist in point of view.
Finding oneself by keeping looking for oneself.
Questioning as a way to empower the self.

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