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Aigner Autumn Winter 2018.19 Collection Review


Christian Beck, the Head of Design and Creative Director of german traditional label Aigner, took his main inspiration for the brands’ Autumn/ Winter 2018/19 collection from the cabinet of curiosities of the late Renaissance and Baroque. It was exactly this unique mix of precious pieces of the most diverse origins that played a central role for his inspiration, for instance curiosities, antique reliquaries, private treasures and mystical objects. What a creative mix of diverse influences! As a consequence a highly thrilling compound of contrary elements emerged: elements we are familiar with meet innovative ones, opulence is paired with minimalism, the fine line between realism and surrealism is artistically blurred. It is exactly this merging that makes this collection so interesting. Thus, the whole collection feels like a vivid journey through exotic destinations. All you need is an endless curiosity to discover- and this collection has a bunch of striking creations to be discovered.


The play with contrary elements is a central topic of this collection, for example exotic ocelot pattern is mixed with rather clean, minimal silhouettes and surfaces. Expect the unexpected! Stay curious, dare to wear new visions, never stop exploring. Mesmerizing materials are vividly mixed among each other.

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Colour- wise, what stays in mind are the powerful, bright, eye- popping hues: look at that intense persian blue, the mysterious amber orange, seductive scarlet red and olive green. Like a walk through an oriental basar, those tones capture your imagination. They make you dream of foreign destinations, of living carefree and of wearing those stunning creations. However those intense tones that feel like a firework of emotions are united with a bunch of timeless, classy nuances, for instance linen white, camel beige and clay brown. Thus, the collection stays incredibly timeless, sophisticated and particularly: wearable.

But now let us have a closer look at what Aigner is renowned for – for generations: their bags. In this collection, you will certainly recognize some models we know from previous seasons, i.e. its “Cybill Special”: as a very well- known highlight of Aigners’ collections, the “Cybill Special” is presented in two highlight variations: for one thing with ocelot ponyfur, for another thing in sophisticated velvet optics in three colours as “Cybill Velluto”. This model takes its inspiration from the opulence of the ’20s and the nonchalance of the ’70s. The strap of the bags is embellised with coins which radiates oriental flair anew.


“Felice” is the trendbag in their Autumn/ Winter 2018/19 collection. It appears in various shapes: as a saddlebag, satchel and as a crossbody bag. Worth of mentioning is the very unique design and detail- awareness of those models: one of them is provided with a wind dog embroidery, its lines are Art- deco inspired. The second special “Felice Stelle” is made of quilted leather and contains trendy studs.

The “Alia” bag captivates due to its creative play of folklore elements with traditional ones. A highlight is the handle which is inspired by the mane of a horse. With that feature, Aigner refers to its history in horse riding.

When observing “Lola”, what first of all catches our eyes are the tassel- details. Additionally, velvet and jacquard are used as favourite fabric choice. That perfectly underlines the mystic, unique character of this collection.

The collection is rounded off by various other models of bags we know from previous seaons. Due to its highly individual approach, this collection certainly stays in mind and makes you curious to discover more.

Picture Credit: © Etienne Aigner AG ,

Review by Sussan Zeck for D’SCENE Magazine


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