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MEN’s BEAUTY TIPS: Look and Feel Your Best From the Inside Out

How you look and feel says a lot about how much you love yourself. When you’ve truly learned to love yourself from the inside out, it shows. Your skin glows, your smile is bright, your health is up to par, your mentally balanced, and your wardrobe is on point. As great as it can be to love who you are, there are a lot of people who don’t. Looking and feeling better about yourself starts from within. When you have your health and mental clarity, it makes changing your outer appearance a lot easier.

Find a few tips for a balanced and healthy life, while our DESIGN SCENE Writer geared the tips for men, these no doubt apply to our female readers as well:

Eat Well

When you’re not eating right your body will begin to break down. You might gain/lose weight, start breaking out, lose focus, become depressed, lose energy, have disrupted sleep patterns, suffer from diabetes or heart disease, and even be more susceptible to serious illnesses. The body is designed to heal itself, however, it needs assistance from vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Start incorporating healthier meal choices into your diet. Consuming whole grains, lean proteins, fresh fruits, vegetables, and drinking plenty of water can help improve any health problems, provide mental clarity, and improve your physique. When you feel this great on the inside, you learn to smile a bit more on the outside.

Work Out

Exercising regularly is another way to build your self-esteem, feel great inside, and look good on the outside. Exercising has many benefits including weight loss, muscle gain, waist trimming, improved mood, increased sleep, low blood-pressure, low blood-sugar, and a decreased risk of catching serious diseases. It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think to get that body you’ve always wanted either. You can join a gym, hire a personal trainer, workout from home, walk around the park, go for a jog, swim, dance, and so much more.

Experiment with Makeup

As you start working out regularly and eating three well-balanced meals a day you’ll start to feel better inside. Now, it’s time to start working on the outside. Makeup is a great way to experiment with your looks. It can enhance features that you find attractive and help hide the things you’re insecure about. You don’t have to wear a lot, nor do you have to wear it all the time, however, on special occasions applying some makeup can make you feel amazing. They have affordable and easy to apply makeup for men and women alike, allowing anyone to give it try and see how it looks on them.

Get a New Wardrobe

What you wear can help to boost your confidence. Take a look at your wardrobe and remove anything you don’t wear or can’t wear (because it doesn’t fit). Then remove items that make you feel down about yourself like oversized shirts, worn out jeans, and old shoes. Now, start replacing these things with items you love and that make you feel great. You can get inspiration online, on store displays, and just keep up with the latest trends. Mix things up and try to discover your personal style. There’s nothing more fulfilling than stepping out the door knowing you look good.

Better Grooming

Taking care of your outer appearance also means properly grooming yourself. Keeping a stylish hairstyle or a sharp haircut can make all the difference in the world. You should also be doing things like putting on deodorant, using fragrances, trimming unwanted hairs, and taking care of your skin.

Change Your Thinking

When it comes to building confidence and style, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. If you try all of these things and still feel down about yourself, try to change your thought process. Write down things about yourself that you’re proud of and things you’d like to work on. Every day, remind yourself of your strengths through words of affirmation or by tackling goals. You can also come up with a plan to begin working on your weaknesses so you can feel better about who you are.

Looking and feeling good from the inside has several parts you’ll need to work on in your life. When you start caring more about your health, grooming yourself, putting on new outfits, and telling yourself how amazing you are, no one will be able to tell you anything. Have fun learning to love yourself again, and when you reach that happy place, make sure that you hold onto it.

All images from MMSCENE magazine editorial and exclusive interview starring Parker Gregory by photographer Taylor Miller. Parker was styled by New York based fashion stylist Gregory Wein – discover the full shoot


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