Manscaping Guide: How to Safely Remove your Body Hair

In today’s world, mancasping is not an exception, but a norm. Men taking care of themselves, showing respect for their bodies and for the world entirely are a standard of good practices for boys nowadays. While body hair was what differentiated a man from a boy, modern men also understand the difference between a gentleman and a caveman.

Hairy Scary Larry is out of fashion, anything but seductive and posing hygiene dilemmas to the audience. Today we will discuss in detail some manscaping specifics when it comes to the safe removal of body hair. Some men have a healthy fear of nicks, cuts, and skin damages, rashes, and other accidents, so we will focus on the best body hair removing practices.

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1. Invest in the Best Tools

Manscaping does not have as main purpose the removal of your entire body hair (with some exceptions), but keeping your bodily hair in check. Your body hair plays many important roles for your health, so we do not talk about you looking like the next Mr. Olympia champion.

Grooming and manscaping need, therefore, the proper tools. You can trim down your hair on a weekly or monthly basis, by using only the safest manscaping tools on the market. First order of business – choosing a manscaping trimmer. There are many options available, so to choose the best one for your needs you’re going to have to do some research.

You will find multi-purpose trimmers and shavers, safe (and self-sharpening) blades, accident preventing built and technology, and more. Some feature a no-pain design, while others feature a no-fear design (for sensitive areas care). Start with picking one of these manscaping tools and set up your grooming routine depending on your needs.

2. Set a Routine for your Chest Hair

Unless you are competing for Mr. Olympia, keep your chest hair, while grooming it once a month to keep it at bay. Chest hair is still one of those sexy and manly features nobody has anything
against – women in particular – therefore you do not need to sport a bare chest, especially if you are not a pro body builder.

• Chest hair trimming should take place once a month tops;
• For safe hair removal, pick the hair trimmer of choice, and start trimming from up to down, across the chest and stomach, until the hair length is even and there are no unaesthetic patches;
• Set the trimmer on the higher setting or length – you do not want a chest shave but a trim; your hair should lose only a few inches in length.

Always use a body lotion or a cream after you trimmed your chest hair. If you have sensitive skin, you may get a rash or skin discomfort for a few days. Prevent such unpleasantness by using a refreshing and soothing lotion with aloe vera or skin-friendly herbal ingredients.

3. Safely Removing your Back Hair

The best back hair is no back hair at all. It has never been and it will never be appealing, on the contrary. If you have some loose back hair, you can get rid of it in a safe and efficient manner. If you have lots of it, you may want to put some money aside for a professional intervention.

• Never use a razor or a trimmer for your back hair; you risk plenty of accidents and poor results;
• For moderate back hair, pay a visit to a professional cosmetician to wax your back. Indeed, it will not feel like a walk on the beach, but it will save you your self-esteem on the long run;
• If you have a lot of back hair, it should become the center of your manscaping efforts; put some money aside and get it laser removed.

No matter what method you use, make sure you treat your back with care and respect. Do not go to the beach to expose your back to the sun if you just got a wax. In case of a laser treatment, make sure you follow the post-removal rules and skin care recommendations.

4. Careful with the Arms, Legs, and Armpits

Many men shave their armpits for hygiene and looks reasons – with the full approval of their girlfriends or wives – and we have nothing against it. However, if razors have a negative effect on your sensitive skin (beard shaving is a nightmare for you), instead of shaving your armpits, you can use the trimmer to keep hair at bay and preserve a clean, hygienic, and sexy look and feel.

Always use some skin softener or lotion after shaving or trimming your armpits, as the skin there is thinner, vascularized, and sensitive.

On the other hand, leave the hair on your arms and legs exactly as it is. If you do not compete for body building awards or the next Chippendales’ yearly calendar.

5. The Safe Removal of Pubic Hair

The pubic area is vulnerable to accidents and you need your full focus, steadiness of hand, and the best trimmers to achieve the desired result. Accidents are painful and dangerous on the long term. Moreover, the skin is sensitive and you can develop rashes and itchiness. For these reasons, you should see a professional to wax/trim the pubic area, or use a specialized trimmer and manscaping kit designed for such special ops.

• Use the trimmer following its guide – the part that prevents cutting;
• Use the trimmer to remove the most length and quantity of hair; slip into the shower and rinse well in order to soften the skin if you want to use a shaving blade as well for more detailed grooming;
• Usually, a good trim once or twice a month is enough; regular shaving involves the use of shaving cream, blades, and all the attention and skill you can muster.

No matter whether you just trimmed your pubic hair or gave yourself a serious shave, keep in mind the skin is suffering. Use creams that prevent hairs to grow inside the skin, rash and itchiness prevention lotions, and moisturizers. Products containing aloe vera, marigold extract, essential oils (coconut, jojoba) show good results in keeping sensitive skin safe.

6. Clean Your Nose, Ears, and Eyebrows

You have never seen a man universally considered sexy and good looking to have hairs going out of his nose or ears, although nature does not forgive anybody. Moreover, a pair of well-defined brows makes a man look younger, cleaner, and better at conveying emotion via facial expressions.

You can have a trimmer for the nose and ear hairs – they have a particular design able to trim hairs in a safe and efficient manner. You can experiment with your eyebrows by using special trimmers or by plucking them – as women do – but if you are a beginner in manscaping, you might fail. Until you get the right skills for eyebrow care, we recommend you ask for professional services.

Manscaping can be safe and pleasurable, with incredible personal and social benefits. It all starts with the right kit and a clear idea on how the best and sexiest version of you looks.

Images: Parker Gregory by Taylor Miller for MMSCENE

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