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#MFW: Daizy Shely Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Daizy Shely presented her Spring Summer 2019 collection at Milan Fashion Week.

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My husband asked me which story I am telling this summer.
The collection has no plot, it is pure expression of everything I love the most in fashion. The creative, intimate process that frees the mind and allows to draw new boundaries. The only place I have absolute freedom and no one can take it away from me. Fashion is my therapist. Everything I can’t say by words I say it on the catwalk through my women. I am a fairly shy person but when it comes to design I bring out all my character and feelings.
Fashion is a great way to appear as you choose and this is what I wish to create for my women. I would love them to feel protected, invincible and beautiful in their clothes.
In the end this is my job!

Daizy Shely

The collection’s prints are born from the well-established collaboration with artist Umberto Chiodi. A floral psychedelic all-over print. Orchids and Anthuriums with an artficial taste, almost syntethic, toxic. Outlandish, sensual and poisoned souls. The second print instead is a watermelon pierced by a sword, declined on streetwear items in gabardine and cotton. An ode to the ironic spirit that distinguishes the Israeli fashion designer. Daizy Shely proposes a fresh, sexy, ultra feminine and colorful SS19 Collection. Pink, lilac, topaz, aquamarine and sky blue dominate the palette. Lightness and transparencies are the leitmotiv. Most of the garments are nothing more than a “second skin” that move harmoniously on the body highlighting the figure. Daizy uses in contrast structured materials like a multicolor jacquard with a 70’s twist and a classic pinstripe applied to masculine shapes. Knitwear is sporty and feminine, distinguished by killer cuts. The night lights up with tulle dresses fully embroidered with flowers, beaded chains and crystals. Detail is the key. Daizy Shely styles her outfits with an overdose of retrò vibe bright colored bracelets. Once again the Anthurium, originally related to Eros’s arrows with it’s plastic heart shaped leaves, is protagonist becoming a “living” jewel.

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