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Jean Gritsfeld Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Discover Jean Gritsfeldt‘s Spring Summer 2019 collection named Electrogipsy, captured by photographer Dasha Soroka. Beauty is work of makeup artist Yana Leskova and hair stylist Estel Kyiv Studio.

he Electrogipsy collection by Jean Gritsfeldt uses the symbol of the train and the station as a starting point, a new page in the travel book of each of us. Only in the train car people for a day can tell the story of their lives to an absolutely unknown person who they will never see again. The designer conveyed this mood in the clothing models: waiting for the road and the meeting, the desire to overcome distances, the constant movement forward. – from Jean Gritsfeldt

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Jewellery: Jean Gritsfeldt’s capsule collection for Art Vivace Jewelry
Special thanks to Artem Lemeshko



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