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Why A Sweat Proof Undershirt Is Your New BFF This Summer

The trials and tribulations of sweating in the summer and the solution our Editor Juliette Picard found in a sweat proof under shirt!

Sweat Proof Undershirt

Sweat circles around your armpits, wet clothes, and bad smell are the side effects of summer for quite a few of us. Such problems of extensive sweating during the peak of summer are making many of us dread the season.

To help you fight the heatwave, DESIGN SCENE magazine’s Beauty & Wellness Editor Juliette Picard has prepared a few anti-sweat tips:

What’s Causing Extensive Under Arm Sweats?

The primary cause of extensive sweating is not an easy thing to determine. If we are talking about secondary hyperhidrosis, unfortunately a chronic illness or health issues are no doubt intensifying the sweating. It is important to note, any case of extensively irregular sweating is an indication you are ready to visit your physician. However, an estimated 3% of world population are suffering from excessive underarm sweating defined as axillary hyperhidrosis. Often, the axillary hyperhidrosis is accompanied by increased sweating of the palms and soles of the feet.

Sweat Proof Undershirt

Whether we are talking about underarm, palm or soles intensified sweating, more often it is the result of stress or emotional instability. However at times even an irregular diet can have a negative effect and only intensify the pre-existing problem.

No doubt all of us have experienced the 1st sweat related problems in our prepubescent age as well into the 1st years of puberty. In that instance hormones are playing a crucial role resulting in extensive underarm sweating for both girls and boys.

Can a Sweat Proof Undershirt Actually Help?

The short and simple answer to this question is – Yes! If your excessive sweating is not induced by a health and stress related condition the first thing you should actually go for when it comes to fixing the problem is a sweat proof shirt. Bearing in mind we took in account going through the most regular steps – showering and bathing regularly (daily or perhaps even twice a day during summer), removing underarm body hair and using antiperspirant deodorant – be on the lookout for organic deodorants, which are now affordable and wont harm your body in any way. 

Sweat Proof Undershirt

Albeit, there are only a few good undershirts on the market, such is no doubt a sweat proof undershirt from Knix, easily available online. However, the 1st thing you need to lookout when buying an undershirt is the material. Opt for naturally grown organic cottons, which while a bit harder to find are coming at affordable prices. Thankfully, with the growth of athleisure the importance of including a sweat proof undershirt in everyone’s wardrobe is finally under the spotlight. 

Simply said with a sweat proof undershirt there’s only a few important considerations in the line. Most of the time it’s just like any undershirt and very often it can be worn just as any T-shirt without any additional layers. However at the same time they are created to trap sweat in, therefore washing them will require higher temperatures and stronger detergents. Once taking it off, make sure not to throw it into the laundry basket right away, just like with any fabric make sure it airs and dries out – allowing the fabric to breathe. 

Sweat Proof Undershirt

A Sweat Proof T-shirt did not help?

It is important to add, with increased Summer temperatures sweating is natural at the same time it is showing all of your bodily functions are intact. There’s no person on the planet who does not sweat, however if even sweat proof undershirt is not helping you minimise the problem we strongly suggest a consultation with your dermatologist. During the consultations you can ask your dermatologist for a more powerful solution. Some of the treatments are botox injections at the armpit which result in paralysing nerves responsible of triggering your sweat glands, this solution may last for a few months. It is important to note this treatment is in the states and many countries approved for the armpit area only. In the most extreme cases dermatologists in consultations with surgeons can recommend removing the sweat glands surgically.

No matter the situation never have these procedures performed by an unlicensed practitioner.

All images photographed in London’s Hyde Park for DESIGN SCENE Magazine on a very warm Summer day by Fashion Photographer Navarro Aydemir – discover the full shoot.

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