Does the Keto Diet Really Work?

Stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle

As of now, we have different kinds of food that we can eat, we have restaurants, buffet, fast foods, street food, and even exotic food that we can eat. There are even servings that are good for 10 to 15 people, but they are being eaten by one person and with all the food that we intake, we no longer able to monitor how much sugar, carbs or sodium we intake in a day. This is really dangerous as we could develop different kinds of illness and disease.

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What Disease We Could Develop?

There are different kinds of disease that could evolve once we intake a lot, and I mean a lot of sodium from salty foods like junk food, fast food and street food. This could also go with carbs and sugar that we get from eating sweets, bread, and drinking soft drinks. The kinds of illness or disease that we can get are all but not limited to: hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cancer, fatty liver, gallbladder stones, stroke and even a heart attack.

What Can I Do?

There are a lot of ways on how we can prevent all of these to happen, one of them is to burn our excess fat and be active by consistently exercising or going to the gym to work out. Another way is to seek out a dietician and undergo a certain diet program, however, that is a bit expensive though as a check up with a dietician means you also have to do some follow up check up and that comes up on your additional expenses. You can also undergo diets that were recommended by other people like the One Meal A Day diet or also known as the OMAD diet, although before starting we recommend you to learn more about the right way to do OMAD. or You can also go with the 8×16 fasting diet program where you are only allowed to eat within the 8 hour period with only certain types of food and you will undergo fasting for the next 16 hours, and that is pretty hardcore if you’re going to ask me. One of the most famous diet programs to date is what they call the Keto Diet. 

What Is A Keto Diet?

Keto diet is a kind of eating habit wherein you will take out the carbs and will only eat fats, protein and selected vegetables. It’s a kind of diet routine that will allow your body to be in the ketosis state making your body a natural fat burning machine.

Ketosis state is a stage of your body that when your body runs out of sugar to burn for energy, it will turn to burn the fats instead, breaking it into small particles and making it an alternative source of energy. Once your body is on its ketosis state, your body will naturally burn the fat in addition to your exercise and changed eating habits, this will definitely reduce your body weight and will make you thinner than before in just a couple of months. If you’ve been in the keto diet for a while and you think it’s not working for you, this article titled “Why Am I Exhausted on the Keto Diet” from Proper Good may help you.

When Does Your Body Go To Keto State?

There are a couple of ways on how you will know that your body is already entering the keto state, one of them is when you feel that you are somehow a bit weaker, this is when your body is trying to find those glucose and carbohydrates to burn for energy and since there’s no more of those in your body, then that is the time that your body will find other sources which is fat, that is when you will feel that you’re becoming stronger again. Some say that they feel a bit nauseous at first, some don’t feel anything at all, others feel like they are having stomach ache or feel like they are about to vomit. All of these are just symptoms, so don’t worry, those are just signs that your body ran out of supply to burn for energy and is trying to find an alternative source.

What Are The Benefits Of Keto Diet?

There are a lot of benefits once you are in ketosis state. One of the benefits is that, of course you will lose weight, you will get thinner, you can move better and you will look and feel good. Another benefit is that your brain will be able to function better as it will not think for the other parts of the body anymore, you will have more focus at work and will be more productive than ever. Let’s not forget as well that you will be able to wear your old clothes again, no need to worry about the size anymore because you’re assured that most sizes will fit you now.

Is There A Way To Speed Up The Process?

Well, basically there are no shortcuts in terms of getting fit. You really have to undergo the rigorous and hard process, however, there is another way on how you can “enhance” your process so it will not be that hard just as what they say. You want to know what that is? Well, all you have to do is to take a certain supplement that will enhance your process and make your body go to keto state faster than you can imagine, and that is by consuming the top rated exogenous ketones available on the market today. With exogenous ketones, you will be able to activate that ketosis state like crazy, making your body burn fat faster, given that you follow the right process of course.

What Are Exogenous Ketones?

Your body will naturally produce ketones once you are in ketosis state, those are the particles in your body that burns the fat instead of glucose and carbs, however, you will only enter this state once your body use up all of your sugar and carbs stored in you. With exogenous ketones, you input the ketone particles into your body by consuming the supplement, that is where the name “exogenous” comes from, because you are getting ketone particles externally, thus activating your ketosis state faster and will make your body burn fat quicker than the normal process.

The Aftermath

Over all, keto diet works no doubt about it since you are using the natural burning capability of your body, and that means it is safe, effective and most of all, it is more organic than most diet pills out in the market today. So be safe, eat healthy, stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

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