Top 5 Millennials Interior Design Trends Every House Seller Should Know

As the most active property buyers right now, millennials are influencing how we sell and buy houses

When it comes to home design, Millennials have very clear tastes. Known also a Generation Y, this demographic has its own unique set of traits and beliefs that are now shaping how they design their homes. Liberal, open-minded, passionate about the environment and tech-savvy—millennials like to combine the old with the new. Now take this approach top style and apply it to house design and suddenly you’ve got some new and interesting trends.

As the most active property buyers right now, millennials are influencing how we sell and buy houses. If you’re planning on selling your home, the likelihood is your potential buyers will be millennials. To help make an impression (and secure an offer) here are five hot design trends that every millennial wants in their home.

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1. Open plan living

Millennials have a holistic approach to life—this means work-life balance is vital. As a result, they hate compartmentalising their lives.

So, when it comes to their homes it comes as no surprise that millennials avoid overly structured floorplans.

Instead, they prefer open plan living where they can easily combine all aspects of their busy lives together in one space. For millennials, it’s all about having the freedom to decide how they use the space.

Another great benefit from taking an open plan approach means they can re-create the space however they want. For instance, if they work from home, they might frustratingly miss out in having access to a work gym. Instead, with open plan living they can set up their own workout zone at home. By no longer sticking to traditional room constraints, the home space becomes a far more individual expression.

2. Minimal kitchen with character

Imagine a farmhouse sink alongside metal faucets or reclaimed wooden shelving next to brass hanging lights—sure millennials like clean lines, but at the same time, they seek an emotional connection with their homes.

The millennial kitchen is a good example of how the old and new can work together. Here are a few millennials kitchen must-haves:
• Fully integrated modern appliances that are hidden from sight leaving clean clutter free surfaces
• The colour palette is dark, predominately natural shades or all white with a splash of colour
• Built in organisation systems for everything from utensils, pots and pans to spices and condiments.
• Easy access cupboards that move to countertop level at the touch of a button
• Light sensors and voice control
• Brightly colours pots and pans to add that splash of energy
• Artisan clay splash tiles located behind the sink
• Vintage styled cookware
• Plants

3. Smart homes

Millennials love technology and as multi-taskers they value connection and convenience above all else. So, they’re more willing to pay for the latest innovations. This means having a SMART home is a top priority—after all millennials are used to a completely different level of flexibility and control than older generations.

For instance, rather than clunky keys or bulky hanging pin-code pads, Millennials would rather use their smartphones to do everything from turn on lights, unlock doors, manage alarm systems and manage all levels of home security.

Another popular feature are indoor cameras. For instance, these allow busy parents to keep an eye on their young children wherever they are in the house.

Likewise, another hot emerging trend for Millennials is app-controlled coloured lights. These can be located everywhere from the bathroom shower to above kitchen cabinets to add fun and light.

4. Sustainable living

Millennials care about the environment, so they want to live as sustainably as possible. This means using environmentally friendly materials, lowering heat and power consumption and reducing waste and recycling more.

Here are a few ways you can make your home eco-friendly:

• Use natural materials like wood and stone everywhere.
• Install solar panels
• Buy appliances with a low energy rating
• Install a smart thermostat to avoid wasting energy

5. Contemporary but individual

From pink flamingos to yellow pineapples, millennials like to add a little personality to their modern minimal homes. After all, however much they desire functional organised spaces, they still want their homes to look beautiful. But this requires a little curation.

Here are some current trend favourites:

• White ceramics
• Anything mustard coloured (think rugs, cushions and throws)
• Lots of brass
• Mid-century furniture
• A feature wall with art

Ultimately, what’s important for this generation is having the space to impart their own individual style rather than adhering to one trend or another.

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