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#PFW: Y/PROJECT Spring Summer 2020 Collection

Designer Glen Martens celebrates the expression of individuality

Courtesy of © Y/Project

Designer Glen Martens showcased Y/Project‘s Spring Summer 2020 collection, under the nave of the church L’Oratoire du Louvre on Wednesday June 19th, during the second day of the ongoing Paris Fashion Week.


Courtesy of © Y/Project

Once again this season, Martens is blurring the perception we may have of clothing by creating impossible objects with an infinity feel, as if the pieces were never-ending. Asymmetry and disproportion run through the collection and distort the traditional silhouette.

Courtesy of © Y/Project

What seems like the real structure is always twisted and creates drapé or 3-D effects. The lining pops out of the blazers and becomes a buttonhole, revealing the garment construction and creating new volumes. 

Courtesy of © Y/Project

The Y/PROJECT design ethos turns what may look so familiar at first sight into something unexpected. A pocket becomes a sleeve, a collar opens up and turns into a shoulder pad, a classic bomber jacket can be worn upside down. Martens’ prolific creativity comes to life in a show irrigated by liquefied inspirations, where eclectic references are blended together. 

Courtesy of © Y/Project

More than ever, the SS20 collection puts on the runway thought-provoking silhouettes. With versatility at its core, Y/PROJECT celebrates the expression of individuality. – from Y/Project

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