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Big Day Style: 2020 Spring Wedding Themes

Big Day Style 2020 Spring Wedding Themes

Picking the right theme for your Big Day can be a challenge – and everything from the color palette to the overall aesthetic plays a role. This year, the trends are fresher than ever, redefining classics with modern twists and unexpected glam.From elevated neutrals to pops of bright hues and from nature-enthused details to the new way to do glam, here are the themes to keep in mind for the next spring season.

Sleek Lines and Elegant Minimalism

Sleek lines, elevated simplicity and timeless elegance with a modern twist – this spring’s minimalism looks refined and effortless. Think classic neutrals, with a touch of shine in the mix. Forgo the opulent centerpieces that consume a big chunk of your wedding budget – instead, go minimal with daintier branches or florals and slim candles. For a touch of personality, break the streamlined look with a few unique touches – the closer to nature, the better. Incorporate your birthstones in the décoras centerpieces or as accents on the guestbook table for an added touch of organic glam. Make every choice count – your choice of silverware and plates, the runners and serving plates, since this aesthetic is all about the details. Minimalism works when you manage to create the perfect ambiance, one that’s serene, thoughtful and fresh without the fuss.

A Vibrant Affair – Pops of Citrus

Neutrals might be a timeless choice, but if you’re rather envisioning a fun party that’s exuberating and alive, this next wedding theme is the one to pick. For a festive reception that screams of joy in vibrant hues, go bold with a dose of freshness with the ‘splash of citrus’ theme. Think lush florals in everything from peach to canary yellow shades, paired up with lemons, limes and tangerines as décor. Include the sour-sweet fruit  in everything from your table décor to your menus and go all out with the vivid colors as your palette. Upgrade your party with a lemonade bar (or, optionally, freshly squeezed orange juice bar) or go all out with a fruit stand for a cohesive theme that ticks all the right boxes: it’s memorable, playful and festive.

Big Day Style 2020 Spring Wedding Themes

Neutral Hues: Beige, Cream & White

Fashion is setting the trend this year with its undying love for everything and everything beige – and décor, as well as wedding trends are following its lead closely. Think shades of taupe, cream and the dustiest versions of rose, paired up with off-whites and minimal touches of glam and shine, if any. A new way to interpret spring’s freshness: with timeless neutrals. Go for white centerpieces featuring fresh ivory blooms paired up with cattails and the ultra-trendy dried Pampas grass. When picking out a sophisticated theme, make sure to stay committed. Carry out your theme from the wedding invitations to the bridesmaid gifts – everything will look instantly elevated when following a cohesive look.

Big Day Style 2020 Spring Wedding Themes

Fresh Accents with Lush Succulents

Succulents are trending everywhere – and weddings are not out of the equation. If you too are in love with cacti, go all out with a green galore theme featuring lush succulents. Cacti make great centerpieces for outdoor spring weddings (whether you’re on the beach or in your backyard), and you can add accents of the lush greenery on everything from the wedding invitations to the menus and table numbers. For maximum impact, reduce the color palette to just green and white, where green comes solely from your cacti. Add warm wood shades in the mix for a play on modern and rustic, ideal for an effortless, casual spring wedding spent creating memories for a lifetime.

Big Day Style 2020 Spring Wedding Themes

Effortless and Serene – A Nature-Enthused Bash

Biophilia is currently trending everywhere – but interior design and wedding décor are the first in line. Create a space that is one with nature by including a wide range of natural elements, from greenery to organic fabrics and natural gems. Simple details like twine replacing plastic or metal napkin rings make all the difference – both in ambiance and aesthetical appeal. But if you love the idea of making nature a VIP guest at your wedding, forgo the fussy floral arrangements and instead, opt for raw, organic centerpieces that are loaded with freshness and green hues. Unexpected greenery like olive wreaths, Amaranthus, palmetto or seeded eucalyptus make stunning centerpieces, ideal for rustic and casual weddings, whether indoors or outdoors.

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