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MFW: BUDAPEST SELECT Fall Winter 2020.21 Collection

Hungarian designers Abodi, Cukovy, Elysian, Je Suis Belle and Zsigmond Dora presented their latest collection in Milan

Budapest Select
Abodi, Photography by Imaxtree / ©BUDAPEST SELECT

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana team up to help development of Hungarian fashion. Budapest Select Fall Winter 2020.21 fashion show presented five Hungarian designers Abodi, Cukovy, Elysian, Je Suis Belle and Zsigmond Dora, on Friday, February 21st, during the recently finished Milan Fashion Week.


We are extremely thrilled to be here for the third time in a row and we are also excessively proud of our designers to go through such a magnificent progress and development thanks to the mentoring programme. – Zsófia Bata-Jakab, the CEO of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency

In August 2018, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) committed to a three-year strategic agreement with the prestigious Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Within this framework, CNMI supports the development of Hungarian fashion and its entry onto the international scene as a strategic partner. The aim of the mentoring program is to expose as best as possible the designers through a true activity of support to the development of the collections, from production to communication, in order to prepare the creative talents to present their collections both in Milan and in their own country.

Je Suis Belle

Je Suis Belle
Je Suis Belle, Photography by Imaxtree / ©BUDAPEST SELECT

Je Suis Belle Curiosity is the art project of two creative artists, Dalma Devenyi and Tibi Kiss. Their artistic medium are garments, clothes with the aim of self expression and to fulfill their desire of creation. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, balancing on the bordeline of fashion and art. Fabrics and materials are like brushes, paints or chisels – the tools of this kind of artistry. The garments are hand made and the process of making them takes 3-6 months usually.



Cukovy, Photography by Imaxtree / ©BUDAPEST SELECT

Flexibility is a signature approach at CUKOVY – find the perfect combination by changing any part as a versatile and sustainable gesture.
Science, technology and female leadership. Here are the three factors that shape the modern world as never seen before and fueling the brand known for its daring, fierce and playful attitude. This season’s collection is also dedicated to natural sciences, drawing inspiration from microbiological experiences. Custom made prints shows the natural beauty of bacterial colonies in a petri dish. Living organisms reinterpreted as collages and appear as digital prints in the collection.

Zsigmond Dora

Zsigmond Dora
Zsigmond Dora, Photography by Imaxtree / ©BUDAPEST SELECT

Rural Explorer – Applying traditional craftsmanship techniques, the FW 20/21 Menswear Collection is a tribute to the design highlights of the creator so far. Whilst continuing to respect the simple lines and patterns that distinguish the brand’s garments from its competitors’, the progress is clearly visible, season after season: new color palettes, fabrics and garment variants signal the story of the current collection and indicate exactly the direction it is taking. The mythical has morphed into adventurous and formidable. As the morning mist clears, our rural explorer emerges.


Elysian, Photography by Imaxtree / ©BUDAPEST SELECT

The FW 20/21 collection was inspired by art, more precisely by the beautiful and mysterious world of poetry. Elysian’s upcoming collection was inspired by the beautiful poem by Charles Baudelaire, “All of her”. The poem is about the beauty of the female body and soul.
Weightlessness, delicacy, femininity are the key characteristics of the brand, based in a small atelier in Budapest.


Abodi, Photography by Imaxtree / ©BUDAPEST SELECT

The red velvet path -Renaissance approach to life and the new empowered woman is in the centre of the ABODI collections and each and every metaphor and symbol celebrates this.
The main character of the collection is Elisabeth Bathory, a legendary and infamous medieval Transylvanian noble woman, who was subjected to stigmatization as witch and vampire, however there was no evidence and she was victim of false interpretation of the behaviour of a brave, extravagant and bold personality. However the 21st century’s modern Elisabeth Bathory already has the tools to put herself out and live her own red velvet path. The collection features ABODI signature materials: signature gold polka dots, massive duchess satins, velvets, sports materials, Italian vegan fantasy-nappa, custom embroideries. Sporty solutions are contrasted with infinitely feminine, Gothic silhouettes.

Courtesy of © BUDAPEST SELECT / Maximilian Linz

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