Is Wholesale Sterling Silver Rings The Trending Thing?

These days silver is making a comeback!


Jewelry is a landscape where things seem to change quickly – where the trends that where so strong today seemingly vanish into thin air in the blink of an eye. The following piece is going to examine whether or not sterling silver rings are in fashion and if not, where they fit in the general scheme of things.

Human beings have been wearing jewelry for a long time. From the yesteryears when our ancestors wore things like cowries and shells as adornments to now when we prefer precious stones and metals, jewelry of some sort has always been a mainstay in the dress culture of humans irrespective of culture or creed.

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As far back as two thousand years ago, kings, queens, and other nobility already understood the rareness and aesthetic value of precious metals like gold, silver, and bronze. They sent out workers to painstakingly mine the metals to be stored as wealth, used as currency, or worn as jewelry. This meant that from the inception, there has always been value attached to these metals according to their rarity and ease (or lack thereof) of acquisition.

Gold always occupied the top spot when it came to metals though – because it was the rarest to prospect for as well as the most difficult to extract and refine, it was always the most prized and most costly of all the precious metals. Owning gold was restricted to the wealthiest of the wealthy, with the amount of gold a man held being standing as a preeminent yardstick for determining his wealth. Coming in second was always silver. Silver is a precious metal in its own right but it has always been eclipsed by gold due to the latter’s rarity. That being said, silver has always held its own as a sought-after commodity, having been used throughout the centuries in jewelry, utensils, furniture, and other accessories.

This article is about silver though and more specifically, sterling silver. By definition, sterling silver is a grade of silver that has a silver purity of 92.5%, with the remaining 7.5% consisting largely of copper to form an alloy. Sterling silver is well known as the most popular kind of silver available in the market. This is because its composition allows it to have properties that are perceived as being the archetypal appearance for silver. It is a very shiny silver with a luster and character that is unlike any other grade of silver. These days, the phrase “sterling silver” is more like a mark of quality, much like “24 karat gold”. It is considered the highest standard for silver and is usually the most expensive.

These days, silver is making a comeback in terms of popularly and acceptance. More and more young people are accepting genuine silver jewelry as bonfire fashion accessories – donning silver chains, bracelets, earrings, and rings. The positive goodwill regarding sterling silver that has somehow permeated into the mainstream has made it so that not only do people not mind wearing it, they actually desire it.

Wholesale Sterling silver rings are also riding the trend. These pieces of jewelry are perhaps the most popular silver pieces nowadays. With a growing demand for sterling silver rings in the general jewelry market as well as the nuptials market, more and more people (especially millennials) want to buy sterling silver rings for engagement and marriage purposes. Engagement rings made of silver are now very popular for men looking for cheaper alternatives to other materials like platinum and gold. Its durability allows it to last for an extremely long period of time and as well to withstand a beating.

One swipe through Pinterest shows that wholesale sterling silver rings are indeed a trending accessory. A slew of pages on the net are filled with content showing off the different design choices, shapes, and combinations that are possible with sterling silver rings. A very peculiar thing to note about silver is that as a metal, it is very versatile. It can be molded into a variety of shapes as well as combines with a slew of other materials (like bronze, gold, and brass) to form more intricate jewelry pieces. The simple answer to the question of whether or not it is trending item is a resounding “yes”.

To conclude, wholesale sterling silver rings are a very lucrative business to venture into. With high demand for the product as well as a bustling demographic that is fashion forward and appreciates trends, the proverbial well isn’t running dry anytime soon for sterling silver rings. With less prohibitive barriers to entry than wholesale gold (for instance), sterling silver rings are a good starting point for people looking to break into the wholesale jewelry scene and scale subsequently. It is a vibrant market with lots of opportunities for expansion and most importantly, profit.

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