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5 Tips on Keeping Up With Clothing Trends In 2020

So in this article, we’ve come up with five easy tips on how to keep tabs with clothing trends in 2020.

Keeping up with the latest clothing trends can be a headache for most people. Where is the right place to look? Who is the perfect fashion icon to follow? How do you follow the right trends? All these questions run in our head when the word fashion trend’ pops up.

So in this article, we’ve come up with five easy tips on how to keep tabs with clothing trends in 2020.

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1. Follow fashion brands, influencers, and celebrities on social media

Social media is a hub for information on clothing trends. You can stay updated with what’s hot and what’s not. Every day, tons of posts and pictures of stylish fashionistas wearing the latest fashion styles are posted on social media.

Even most fashion houses like Chanel, Prada, and other brands are on social media too. You can follow their profile to see their latest posts on new releases and trends. You can also track your favorite celebrity and influencer and pay attention to what they wear.

2. Subscribe to fashion magazines

Fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle, and Harper Bazaar offer in-depth coverage of fashion news, inspirations, events, and the full scoop on the latest styles. Every edition each month features interviews on various celebrities and fashion designers who share their thoughts and ideas for the next coming season.

It has everything from fashion week collection spreads that will satisfy your curiosity and give you ideas to experiment. You can update your closet with something new and fresh.

3. Fashion week

Fashion week is an important event for designers to present their latest designs to the fashion press, fashion buyers, and important people in the fashion business around the world.

You may think that fashion trends in runaways are not practical or look slightly exaggerated and expensive. But fashion week is a great way to stay up to date on the latest trends in high fashion.

Watching the new collections on runaways will provide you with ideas and tips on what to shop next for your wardrobe. For example, what is the latest colour and clothing material that are trending?

If high-end fashion is your thing and you love to get a piece from a runaway, but budget is an issue, check out Nowloan as they can find lenders that can provide fast online approval.

4. Watch happening events

Beside fashion week, other happening events that you can watch for trend ideas are the Grammy’s, the British Academy Television Award, and the Oscars. Through these events, you can see celebrities and influencers wearing their glamorous outfits when walking the red carpet. The outfits may not look like something you would wear every day, but it’ll give you some ideas for what to wear if you’re going for a wedding or a ball.

If you can’t watch them live, see photos of these celebrities online instead.

5. Reading fashion blogs and websites

There are tons of fashion websites and blogs you can read to keep up with clothing and style trends in 2020. Some websites and blogs offer daily updates on the latest style, hair, beauty inspiration, and fashion ideas. Famous fashion bloggers to follow are Lydia Elise Millen and Glam and Glitter. They focus on fashion ideas and bringing joy to fashion.

Images: Dan Zsolt by Igor Cvoro for MMSCENE Magazine

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