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Interiors: How To Live In A Contemporary Designed Home

Our interior design team discusses the roles of a modern day home, the way interior design has reshaped our living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens:

A Desired Home by Liang Architecture Studio
Photography by © Wang Ting

The shapes and sizes of our apartments are changing, and society along with it. Contemporary designed homes are making sense of a new era of residential realities. Our social patterns are shaping the designs of our homes as much as the way we live in them. 

When it comes to your home’s decoration, if you are enjoying modern design by keeping up with the current style trends you are already a fan of the contemporary. For many modern interior design may come off as distant and cold on behalf of it’s minimalism, nevertheless with few simple tips modern can also mean comfortable, functional as well as welcoming. 

The notions of contemporary design transgress through home design to office as well as within furniture and architectural space planning. In today’s world where we are constantly busy and overwhelmed with information, the guidelines of contemporary and modern design finding definition in simplicity are a welcoming trait. Contemporary design in home decoration and interior design masters the notion of subtle sophistication, the right use of texture, colour and the importance of clean lines. 

Giving the spotlight to your space rather than personal possessions, which are easily turned into clutter, is the key when it comes to the contemporary designed home. Architectural editors from our interiors team are discussing the modern day roles of the living areas in our homes. 


Today’s living room is reverting to the roles of its traditional use, back when it was called the front room, salon or parlour. This was the space for the family to meet guests and show itself to the community. The living room was your home’s most public area. The material possessions today are once again finding it’s spotlight in the living room. Just like before when this was the space to showcase treasured accomplishments. 

Photography by © Ye Song

Artwork is shaping the modern home design, whether you are sourcing it from a local artist or a decor store it is an important part of contemporary interiors. 

Floor itself is an important part of today’s living room, rugs are smaller and allow the floor’s texture to come into display. Trying to find the best laminate flooring designs is today easier than ever, laminate is also allowing you a quick overhaul change of your living room’s look. At the same time changing the laminate floors are some of the most affordable redesign moves with a long lasting effect. 


Just as the formal front room the dining room itself had a significant formal role, the remainders of that role exist to this day. If you are living in a larger apartment or home it’s likely you are not using the dining room itself frequently. For many the use of the dining room comes to only a few times a day. 

Photography by © Ye Song

The dining room itself in a contemporary designed home has to be more than just a room to house a table and chairs. Try and shape it into a meeting place for the household, instead of using it only for Christmas, Thanksgiving and a birthday celebration. 

When it comes to the modern design changing the floor plan to an open space connecting the living and dining area allows the dining room to take part in modern-day activities. By not secluding the dining area space from other portions of your home, whether that is the kitchen, your living room or both. In today’s contemporary homes, the dining room is a place where kids around the large table can do their homework, while parents can set up a laptop to work from home or run their own freelance business. Today’s dining room in any family thus often turns into, even if temporary, the study room’s substitute. 


The design industry itself is aware of the importance of a modern day kitchen. Today more than just a room where you would prepare food, the kitchen is a sort of a social center of a home. Prominent furniture and industrial designers are specially focusing on the design of kitchen appliances as well as the kitchen itself. The tech industry as well is playing a huge part in a contemporary kitchen design. The modern appliances are a true state of art tech gadgets. Even though many of us often eat outside and order takeouts, the home owners set aside a large portion of their budgets for their kitchen. 


The design itself of the appliances changes constantly, visually as well as technically. The novel minimal approach to the design of appliances is making them less bulky and much easier for the eye. 

Photography by © Wang Ting

Interior designers have found a great way to also hide a lot of the appliances, refrigerators and dishwashers are now often hidden within the kitchen design. The appliance which easily shows the way modern day life has changed through the decades is the microwave. Making part of most kitchen’s due to our never ending obsession with frozen food is still an integral part of any kitchen design. 

The next step in the kitchen design is the fast approaching installation of the information appliances. Already you can purchase a refrigerator with an entirely integrated computer connecting to your Alexa or Google Home. 

The kitchen itself serves as an important meeting space in the morning, if separated from the living and dining area it often takes the dining role. Breakfast is for decades often by default part of the kitchen rituals, and often the only time the whole family meets in the apartment. Thus the kitchen is the true social epicenter of our home. 


As already discussed, today’s homes with their modern layouts have created entirely open spaces. In that regard the bedroom design takes two distinct directions. In smaller studio apartments, often occupied by young couples or single residents the bedroom is included within the overall living space. Whether within an entirely open space, or a simple yet minimal home division. Glass doors are now a popular feature when it comes to bedrooms, allowing the continuing flow between the intimate and public space within a home. Nevertheless, when it comes to family home, families are often set in entirely private parent bedrooms, with the same regard for children’s rooms. 

The invention of telephone caused the same to find itself on a night table, followed quickly by a TV set appearing in the bedroom as well as the living room well through the late 50s to the 00s. Today, while our cell phones are most likely sleeping with us in the same bed the TV is rapidly leaving the sleeping area. 

Photography by © Wang Ting

Just as the ring telephone was an instant disrupter of family’s relaxation time in the bedroom the same faith came with the Television set. Today’s interior designers prefer not to include the TV in the bedroom. Emphasising the bedroom as a space to relax, read and gather our thoughts also reflects on the design. Monochrome and minimal finds it’s best place in a design of a bedroom. Hotel room layouts are often copied to the bedrooms. Comfortable beds and white sheets are now synonymous to tranquillity of a bedroom

Finally, just as the telephone and the TV set have reshaped our living space for the past decades it is hard to predict how the future tech will change the layouts of our homes. Today’s tech is finding its integration in kitchen appliances, furniture, electricity and climate regulation. If anything we are in for an exciting future of home design. 

The stunning images above feature A Desired Home by Liang Architecture Studio – you can view the complete project on our Architecture Magazine

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