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Where Form and Function Meet: Stylish and Durable Fashion Ideas

There are so many items and trends out there that allow for functional but trendy clothing; all you have to do is look.

Where Form and Function Meet Stylish and Durable Fashion Ideas

There’s a saying that you may often hear about fashion, and that’s “form over function.” It usually goes hand in hand with sayings like “beauty is pain” or other similar phrases. The original phrase was “form follows function,” meaning the appearance should reflect what the item is used for.

That may not sound too stylish, but it can be. Coco Chanel, one of the most infamous designers in fashion history, said that “luxury must be comfortable.”

With all the advancements and innovations fashion has made and continues to bring us, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function or vice versa. There are so many items and trends out there that allow for functional but trendy clothing; all you have to do is look.

Here are a few ideas to get you on the right track.

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1 – Combat Boots

Combat boots are a classic type of footwear, and they can be as fashion-forward or combat-ready as you want them to be. Some of the “trendy” types of combat boots are not as durable, often falling apart after only a few months, or they aren’t very comfortable.

However, the great thing about these shoes is that they can be stylish and durable if you know where to look.

2 – Military Jackets

The slouchy “military style” jackets are a major trend right now, and they are both cute and functional. This type of jacket usually fits comfortably, usually made from a lightweight material with a hood, buttons, a zipper, and many pockets. Sometimes they have extra layers for warmth, but either way, they’re comfortable, durable, and stylish.

They are usually found in neutral colors, but there are some other trendy colors and patterns out there.

Where Form and Function Meet Stylish and Durable Fashion Ideas

3 – Denim Jeans

A lot of people hate denim jeans and to each their own. The reality, though, is that most denim lasts a long time and can be fashionable or used for work interchangeably. Some jeans are more lightweight and meant for trends and fashion purposes only, but other labels make thicker, high-quality jeans that still come in different cuts and styles.

Instead of passing by the jeans next time you go shopping, consider checking them out and trying some on. You might fall in love!

4 – Joggers

Joggers are pants that have elastic at the ends of the legs to keep close contact with the calf. However, joggers also create a little bit of volume. They are made of cotton, and many people wear them rather than typical sweatpants. However, designers picked up on the fact that people liked the style and decided to up the ante a bit.

You can find some pretty sturdy pairs of jogger-inspired pants in different patterns, colors, and fabrics. They’re easy to put on, super comfortable, and trendy.

5 – Windbreakers

The ’80s are making a comeback. Bright colors and bold patterns are very popular in fashion, but so are some classic shapes and styles that the ’80s brought to the world.

One such triumphant return is the windbreaker. These jackets are comfortable and easy to accessorize with, and they keep out the breeze so you can stay warm on a windy day. You can find them in muted colors or in the bright, bold colors that you know and love from back in the day.

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6 – Multi-Use Phone Case

Protecting your phone is important, but that doesn’t have to be the only purpose that your case serves. A phone is an accessory, so why not condense some more space in your purse and get a multi-functional case for it?

You can find things like wallet phone cases or charging cases for relatively affordable prices, and still look cute and trendy. In particular, the wallet cases have made great strides towards looking like a fashionable leather wallet, all with your phone tucked safely inside.

Give yourself some extra room in your bags or pockets and let your phone case do a little extra work for you.


Usually, when people consider fashion, it’s all about appearance. How it looks to others is the key component to focus on. However, as Coco Chanel said, form follows function…or at least it should.

Comfortable clothes should be part of our everyday lives. While we want to look good, our clothes must serve a purpose, even if that’s just to make us feel comfy.

Consider what your fashion can do for you beyond the aesthetic, and you’ll be surprised what you can find.

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