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Menswear: Styling Athletes – What are Athletic Dress Shirts?

Athletic dress shirts have slowly become a must have for many men. Our editors investigate, what’s the difference and how and why this has happened:

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Large majority of men often don’t dress up unless there is a significant event or for their wedding. I mean, who would want to get all tensed up in fitting clothes when you can just relax in loose shirts and shorts every day? Certainly that is a way many men think. However, when times come for these laid-back men to dress up, they find that they don’t have the options for the look that they had imagined for themselves. The end result is that either they look and feel uncomfortable or give an impression of wrongly dressed. This is often a consequence of ill fitting close no matter the gender or your measurements.

The main issue with these guys is that they never find the right fitting shirt or don’t know which shirt is right for them. So the following is a generous contribution we’d like to make for a particular build-up group of men who do sports. If you are an athlete who never finds the right fitting shirt, the following content is going to be your aid:

Complaints with Athletes

Any athlete or sportsman always goes through a struggle for finding the right outdoor dressing. Due to their build-up muscles and elevated arms and legs, the regular wear doesn’t fit them. And today’s formal wear menswear pieces don’t do justice to them as they don’t show off their worked out body parts right. Often their shirts are so oversized that they don’t show their lean waist. If you ask many of these men, there’s a lengthy list of pros and cons to wearing a custom made dress shirt. For some even health is an issue when wearing an ill fitted shirt.

In reality, guys regularly hitting the gym are looking to show off – and many of them prefer a tight fitting shirt. Nevertheless, many men and women are struggling with finding the right fit of dress shirts as well as suits alongside the industry standard size chart.

The Solution: Athletic Dress Shirts

As in the past, people with a passion for fashion (not content with the industry fit) had to style their own shirts and clothes with a little trimming and tightening. Thankfully these days, you can find solutions for every and any group on the market. Just like the problem for people in demand of larger sizing was solved, athletes can now get readymade shirts for their exact physique. These made to fit shirts are called the Athletic dress shirts. Athletes are pron more to trusting a custom made shirt when it comes to formalwear whether we are talking a day at the office or any formal event.

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An athletic dress shirt is called so because of its design process and while it is rather the same as any custom made shirt, it is specially catered toward athletes and people working out. It has a roomier top with enough space for arms and chest and a tapered bottom. The shape is similar to a v. You can identify these shirts from far away due to their symmetry.

Athletic Dress Shirts Are For Everyone

The athletic dress shirts are one kind of dress shirts from different ones such as slim, regular, and several other types. All of these come in different sizes that fit particular sized men. However, these aren’t designated for just one or two groups.

Similarly, athletic shirts are great for any guy who is into working out and building up the upper body while maintaining a lean waist. Men who work out for staying fit also can’t find the right size in a slim fit for whom athletic fits can be the right option.

Well fitted shirt is also pivotal also when it comes to formal wear – even a perfectly tailored suit jacket won’t fit well unless your shirt is made to measure. Thus tailors often offer the service of custom shirts as well. Even with skinny suit rapidly going out of fashion, partially thanks to Jared Kushner any men’s wardrobe needs a well fitted shirt.

Tip: Never feel shy about buying the right kind of shirt that fits you and brings out your physique.


When it comes to dress shirts, not one size can fit all. And with athletes, every man has his own structures, some being heavier than the other or taller. With different brands, you can find athletic dress shirts falling in different sizes and fitnesses. Mainly you will find three sizes, short, average, and tall. The tall size is best for athletes with stronger/larger body structure while the other two can be worn by regular guys who like to show off their workout or have nice wrap around the hyped-up areas. When it comes to shaping your wardrobe it is also important to realize the style you are going for, an oversized shirt can also be a fitted shirt. Having in mind a tight fitting shirt as an athletic dress shirt is quite from what a fitted custom shirt actually is.

Go For a Consistent Look

Every fitting of a dress shirt is for a different guy, and no one size is for another. Hence, picking out any fit athletic shirt won’t do; the perfect size lies in thorough research and trying out of different styles.

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Your work is far from done yet. A shirt fitting nicely on somebody else doesn’t mean the same will work as well for you too. It is good to go for a tiny waisted and tight sleeved top, but not so much that you look like a walking hanger or the hulk. This image can be equally awkward as when an overly loose shirt is worn.

One thing you can do is compare your body type to those of well suited athletes having masculine and larger bodies. Identify their style and manner of wearing the shirt with collar style and sleeve lengths and tightness. Note down their adjustments and have the shirt custom made if the perfect size isn’t found off the rack.

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