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Stay Sharp and Respectful: How to Wear a Headscarf Without Cultural Appropriation

Interested in wearing a headscarf without being disrespectful? In this guide, we’ll show you how to wear a headscarf without cultural appropiation

Stay Sharp and Respectful How to Wear a Headscarf Without Cultural Appropriation

Headscarfs are a beautiful way to add a sense of style and flair to your outfits, and you want to wear one of your own. After all, it looks amazing with a wide variety of looks, and everyone seems to be doing it, so you should be fine to join in on the fun…right?

Well, not exactly. For many regions and ethnicities, headscarfs are more than just a look; they were (and still are) a big part of one’s identity and lifestyle. By ignoring the history and culture behind the headscarf, you risk falling into a growing problem known as cultural appropriation.

Does that mean you can’t wear a headscarf at all? Of course not! You just need to learn the right way to pull it off while still being respectful to its beautiful background. This article shows you how to wear a headscarf without cultural appropriation. Keep reading to find out how!

How to Wear a Headscarf Without Cultural Appropriation: Try a Babushka

One way to wear a headscarf is to try it in the form of a babushka. This type of wrap has significantly increased in popularity in the United States (maybe we should thank ASAP Rocky?) and in other parts of the globe. The design itself is rather simple to create, but it matches well with practically any outfit you decide to throw on.

The babushka is typically worn in Russia and Poland and is designed to be tied under the chin. It should look similar to a hood on a raincoat, with the ends secured at the base of the jaw. Try different headscarf colors and see what styles you can pull off!

Stay Sharp and Respectful How to Wear a Headscarf Without Cultural Appropriation

Try on a Neat Turban

You’ll be feeling like you’re on the cast of Aladdin with this impressive twist on a headscarf. With such an elegant – and perhaps a bit challenging – wrap, you’re going to want to reserve this one for more special occasions.

Truthfully, there are multiple ways to tie a turban, and you may want to try them all out to see which style works best for you. Take a look and see which one fits your vibe.

Wrap Yourself With a Hijab

The hijab is perhaps the most popular wrap out of the three mentioned here. Although it has religious and historical connections, when worn correctly and with the right intent, anyone can pull it off.

Hijabs are very simple to wrap, yet they give off a certain poise and elegance that is unmatched. As an extra measure, make sure to pair the hijab with simple clothing that isn’t too loud or sports inappropriate images to show respect for its religious value.

Now that you know so much about how to wear a headscarf, you’re most likely interested in finding out more about the origins of the scarf and its deep connection to people of color. You can discover more about this ancient and creative statement, and turn cultural appropriation into appreciation!

Make Sure to Stay in the Know

You finally know how to wear a headscarf without cultural appropriation, so you should have no problem with respectably rocking the headscarf. Check out our site for other tips and tricks that you can use to transform your wardrobe into your personal masterpiece. We’re sure you’re going to like what you find!

Images from Head Strong by Andrea Cenetiempo for Design SCENE Magazine – See the full story here


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    • I think people should just leave other cultures alone and move towards something that won’t be offensive instead of trying to find a way to wear them. I’m Russian and I didn’t care at first but the history behind it is quite tragic and for him to just be rocking it as a trend just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not mad I just think he could have not started a trend with it.

    • I hope it is… there are so many cute wears to way a scarf without appropriating cultures and the suggestions here are the opposite. It’s sad that this is the first article that pops up in google about wearing a scarf without appropriating other cultures. Like who let this be published ??

  1. Yes of course if I am in a place where it’s more respectful
    To the culture and where it’s immodest to show the hair, then I’m gonna cover my hair with something pretty!

  2. This is the most tone deaf thing I have ever read. I hope to god it’s satire. “Try on a Neat Turban
    You’ll be feeling like you’re on the cast of Aladdin” followed by the suggestion of wearing a hijab?!

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