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Four Tips You Need to Know for Revamping Your Garden Shed Décor

You could turn a potentially bland storage and work space into an inviting and eye catching one.

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Image courtesy of WSD Architecture

For some the garden shed has a very simple purpose, and it’s not a particularly glamorous one. It’s used to store gardening tools, maybe a couple of cans of masonry paint and a few bags of lawn seed. That’s about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Whilst functionality is one of the core selling points of a garden shed, by utilizing a few decorative techniques you could turn a potentially bland storage and work space into an inviting and eye catching one – transforming it into somewhere you’ll want to spend ample time in.

Here are a few essential tips to help you revamp your garden shed’s décor.

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Color is king

Whether made of wood or steel, adding some color to the exterior of your shed will help alleviate some of the functional vibes that come part and parcel with these structures.

Whether this means a complete pastel paint job of the entire shed, or just splashes of color on the door or other aspects of the decal, you’d be amazed at how effective these touches can be at making your shed a much more hospitable and inviting space.

Image courtesy of WSD Architecture

Add some floral flourishes

If you want to add color, but don’t want to break out the paintbrushes, adding flowers or plants can be a great way of integrating your shed into the landscape of the rest of your garden.

There are several ways of doing this either by using hanging baskets, positioning flower beds around the base of the shed or by simply adding a few pots next to the doorway. Place a few houseplants on the inside and you can enjoy the health benefits these have to offer whilst working hard too!

Come summertime, your shed will be surrounded by bright flowers which will make it a core attraction of your garden and not just an added feature.

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Nail that internal decoration

Whilst having a welcoming exterior to your shed is certainly a step in the right direction, without a matching interior you’ll find visits inside are far less enjoyable than first thought.

If space allows, try adding garden furniture inside to create a spot for rest and relaxation once the DIY has been completed. Adorn this with a few soft furnishings and perhaps a sturdy yet homely rug to complete a faux living room vibe.

Image courtesy of WSD Architecture

If there is no space for furniture, a smattering of these soft furnishings can still help create a homely atmosphere, making those outdoor projects all that more comfortable to complete.

Create plenty of storage solutions

As previously mentioned a shed can be littered with all sorts of different gardening and DIY paraphernalia, meaning that space can become something of a precious commodity. Luckily, there are several innovative ways in which a small space can be maximised in order to house plenty of equipment, and still leave room to comfortably manoeuvre.

Image courtesy of WSD Architecture

Finally don’t forget the following tips:

– Adorn a magnetic bar to the wall of your shed to – quickly and neatly – sort any metallic tools and get them out of the way.

– Free standing shelves are essential, especially if you have plenty of paint or similarly packaged products laying around.

– Create some hanging jar organizers to squeeze every last inch out of your shed’s storage potential!

All images from the Writer’s Shed Project by WSD Architecture – see more on our architecture and design page Archiscene.

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