Street Artist Invader Secretly Installed Over 80 Artworks In Marseille

The project spills out of the MAMO arts centre to animate the local area.

Invader at MAMO, Marseille, 2020. Photography © Invader

French street artist Invader covered the city of Marseille in more then 80 unique pieces, as a part of an ambitious new exhibition at the MAMO art centre, titled Invader Was Here.


Known for his ceramic tile mosaics modeled on the pixelated art of 8-bit video games, Invader’s creations can be seen in highly-visible locations in over 65 cities in 33 countries, including Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Invader, MARS_91, Marseille, 2020. Photography © Invader

Invader has selected Ora Ito’s contemporary art centre, located atop Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse as the strategic base for a workshop and the hub for disseminating mosaics in the city. The project spills out of the arts centre to animate the local area with a tribute to the Phocean city – and its Mediterranean culture. By expanding the exhibition format into an invasion, Invader Was Here explores what it means to be in situ, which is at the heart of the artist’s approach and MAMO’s programming.

Invader, MARS_73, Marseille, 2020. Photography © Invader

Visitors can discover that MAMO was used as a unique installation-workshop where artist worked in secret all summer.  With its maps, drawings, tools, masks and costumes, the installation showcases the use of the site as an operational nerve centre.

Invader, MARS_65, Marseille, 2020. Photography © Invader

An invasion map, designed specifically for the exhibition,allows visitors to follow in the artist’s footsteps around the city and view the full extent of the intervention.

Invader, MARS_43, Marseille, 2020. Photography © Invader
Invader, MARS_39, Marseille, 2020. Photography © Invader
Invader at MAMO, Marseille, 2020. Photography © Invader

The exhibition Invader Was Here is on see at MAMO — Cité Radieuse arts center until November 11, 2020.

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