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4 Tips for Getting the Cash You Need to Enhance Your Wardrobe

How to find ways to finance an entirely new brand name wardrobe at the drop of a hat

4 Tips for Getting the Cash You Need to Enhance Your Wardrobe

If you happen to be one of the millions of Americans who just doesn’t have the money to go out and buy an entirely new brand name wardrobe at the drop of a hat, you aren’t alone. But you might want to find ways to finance that wardrobe, especially if you need it for work. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do that.

Personal Loans

You can borrow money to pay for your necessary items, and for some personal loans, no credit history is necessary, depending on the lender you go to. You might use a loan of this nature to consolidate some of the debt you may have accumulated so that you’ll soon be able to afford that new wardrobe, or even just to go out and splurge right now if you like.

This type of loan is a sum of money that gets deposited into your personal bank account and that you must pay back, including interest, in a set amount of time.

Sell Your Stuff

If you’re into fashion, you’ve probably heard of Poshmark. It’s a site where you can buy gently used brand name items at a fraction of the price to make your wardrobe stand out.

However, it’s also a place where you can sell your gently used brand name items in order to raise money for the new pieces you’ve got your eye on. It’s easy to navigate and use and you can build a reputation on there if you sell a lot of items.

Alternatively, you can organize a garage sale to turn your unused items into cash or you can sell your junk vehicle online.

4 Tips for Getting the Cash You Need to Enhance Your Wardrobe

Become a Driver

Side hustles, such as being a driver for Lyft or Uber, are a quick and simple way for anyone who owns a car, a valid license, and insurance to earn a bit of extra money. It seems like all you need to do is sign up and begin driving.

While it appears as if the process of working for one of these companies is incredibly simple, you’ll still need to know a few things. Both companies have requirements in place for both the vehicles that are used and the drivers who drive them.


The word budget might be a dirty word to some people, but it really can help when you’re trying to make ends meet and have money left over for the extras you want. Most of the time, you’ll be able to capitalize on all of the money you waste each month simply by making a few small adjustments.

Budgets aren’t that difficult to make either. Just gather up each of your credit card and bank statements and go over them listing all of the income and expenses. Keep an eye out for things like money spent on services you don’t use anymore or for any unnecessary spending and cut those things out. You’ll be surprised at the amount of money that you can save for the things you want by doing this.

4 Tips for Getting the Cash You Need to Enhance Your Wardrobe

Bonus Tip

Finally, for those that made it this far, here’s a bonus way to get money for that wardrobe. If you’re like most people, you do more and more of your shopping online. Why not profit from that shopping? With apps like Rakuten and Honey, you can easily do that. They help you get cash back on your online purchases. Sometimes, they even offer a sign-up bonus as well as a bonus for referring people. They’ll send you a check with your cash back you’ve earned once every three months.

No matter what pieces you have your eye on for your wardrobe, you’ll be able to afford them in no time if you follow the tips you’ve just read.

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