Top 3 Ways to Refresh Your Space for Less

Are you sick and tired of looking at the same old design and decor in your place? Find out how to transform your space on a budget.

Top 3 Ways to Refresh Your Space for Less

Are you sick and tired of looking at the same old design and decor in your place? I know that’s what I have been wanting especially since the advent of Covid19. The issue I always struggle with is not wanting to spend a fortune but also wanting something unique and special. Luckily, I found some great spots that offer beautiful customized looks for great prices and have put them in this article for your enjoyment!

Let’s dive in.

Top 3 Ways to Refresh Your Space for Less

#1: Adding Pillows

An affordable way to create a new look in your space is by adding pillows. These affordable accessories can completely change the feel and look of your space not to mention add comfort. The current trends range from Boho fabrics to earthy tones with geometric shapes. One of my favorite options I found recently is the pillowcases from Clad Home. They create customized interior designs so you always get a special piece for your home.

A beautiful option is Eden pillows. If you haven’t seen these beautiful pillows run don’t walk to check them out. I love the neutral colors as well as the geometric patterns.

What’s most refreshing about the eden pillows is that they are easily removed and washed cases with hidden zip closure. These pillows can be added to a variety of colorful couches or neutrals for an impressive look. Visit Clad Home for more ideas to check out eden pillows.

Top 3 Ways to Refresh Your Space for Less

#2: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Similar to pillows choosing the right artwork for your space can completely change the energy. If once your art was traditional you can switch it up by putting up global pieces or hanging textiles from your travels.

One of my favorite spots to get art is from online marketplaces like Etsy. Finding a unique and affordable piece is easy to locate. A big trend right now is 70s sunsets. These bright colors and retro look will really pop on your wall. This can also be mixed with organic fabrics that are eco-conscious with hanging plants for fresh greenery.

Top 3 Ways to Refresh Your Space for Less

#3: Something Quirky

If you want a really unique space don’t be afraid to show your quirks. If you have a collection of elephants display them. If your secret favorite color is chartreuse add accents that make you happy. Today, it is so easy to add your own personal style through art, textiles, colors, and more.

Some fun quirky trends you may like are:

  • Agate coasters
  • Bee wall art and items
  • Seashell shapes everywhere
  • Ancient accents like Greco-roman bust planters
  • Resin pieces

You can also choose one-of-a-kind pieces at CladHome and choose your on furniture from fabric to leg style and colors.

Take Away

If you are ready to switch up your design idea in your home consider starting with some unique pillows used in your living room, bedroom, or child’s room. Add in some art for special pops that make you smile when you walk in or show off your own expressions. Don’t be afraid to play with some trends to add surprises and whimsy in unexpected places.


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