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How Long Does It Take To Sell A House On Your Own?

Selling a house is never easy, however you can sell a house on your own with a few of these handful tips prepared by our editors.

Photography by © David Papazian

When living in a place such as Florida, there are many reasons why you may want to put up your house for sale. But whatever the reason, selling property anywhere in the state may not be difficult— but it could take a while if you don’t know what to do.

Decide To Sell Fast

Perhaps the primary decision you need to make is to be certain of selling your property. It’s easy to say you’re putting up your home for sale, but some homeowners don’t follow up on that pronouncement.

Once you have decided, though, you should start making the house as marketable as possible. If you want to sell the house real fast—without any help—your best bet is to sell to online entities like the Orlando cash home buyers or similar sites, depending on your location. With such home buyer sites, you can get your property sold within days, receive cash advance before closing, avoid agents’ fees and commissions, and even sell the property as is, without needing to do any repairs.

Prepare Your House For Sale

If you’re not in a rush to sell, you can take your time to prep your house, which involves reducing your small properties to the barest minimum. Clutters of items and things have a way of making the house look full and practically not ready for sale. You may be sending the wrong signal to potential buyers if your home is still full of your personal properties when they come for an inspection.

Photography by © David Papazian

Thus, it’s imperative to clean the house, maybe even re-polish the floors, repair minor door knobs or cabinets door problems, and even add a fresh coat of paint on dull walls. Prepare the entrance to appeal to prospective buyers, too.

Identify Strong Selling Points

Even if you don’t know much about the real estate industry, you can still sell your house on your own. The advantage you have over an agent is that you have lived in that house, so you’d know things you love about the place that other homeowners would probably love as well. Features like your front porch, well-cultivated garden, or the view from the penthouse are first-hand information you can pitch about the house. There’s nothing like a personal testimonial to sell those advantages better.

Photography by © David Papazian

How Long Does It Take To Sell?

As of June 2020, statistics from the National Association of Realtors show that it will take approximately 24 days to a month to prepare a house for listing. Knowing this average, you can start calculating the property’s days on the market, popularly referred to as the DOM.

You can find the average days of how long it takes to sell houses in Florida by calculating how long it took from the day the house was put on listing to the day it was finally sold to a buyer. Know that the average time for Florida’s house sale is 90 days, which constitutes 30 days of pre-listing, 30 days of listing, and of course, the 30 days of closure period on the property. However, if you’re skipping the listing process, you can sell within 60 days.

Photography by © David Papazian

Factors That Affect Selling Speed

Since design makeovers and structural renovations are done because they increase the market value of a house, know that other major factors would also impact the speed of selling the property, namely the following:


Your general location also determines how fast the house sells. Residential properties near a good business hub with access to good roads, hospitals, and malls will sell faster than others with no access to such amenities and attractions.


If you want your house to sell fast, real estate agents advise that the best season for sales is summer and spring. It seems like the cheerful nature of these seasons also encourages people to check for better living quarters.

Thus, to meet potential home buyers’ emotional needs, you will need to prep your house for sale around that season. Recognizing and taking advantage of this time is one of the ways to ensure your house will be sold fast.


Another factor that could slow down your property sale is the process of finding a solicitor. As selling your property is a legal process, finding a solicitor is a smart idea to ensure the paperwork is in order. Alternatively, you could always do this yourself by undertaking a short conveyancing course. However, while this may be cheaper it may slow up your selling timeline.

For more information, check out this guide on the difference between a conveyancer and solicitor.

Photography by © David Papazian


States such as Florida are a beautiful place for house sales. However, many factors could hasten or slow the process down. Yet all these factors notwithstanding, you can still calculate the average of how long it will take for the sale to happen. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can skip the usual 90-day processes and sell to home buyer sites as this could be a much faster process for you.

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