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Sportmax Fall Winter 2021 Runway Collection

Sportmax joins Milan Fashion Week’s entirely digital schedule to present the Fall Winter 2021 collection.

Sportmax Womenswear 2021
Image courtesy of ©Sportmax

Sportmax presented Fall Winter 2021 Runway collection today in Milan with a no-audience runway show taking part in Milan Fashion Week’s entirely digital schedule. This season it is perhaps safe to say the always elegant Max Mara falls in the shadow of Sportmax, her cooler and younger sister. Sportmax design team while often seen as working in the shadow of the much grandeur sister brand has season after season successfully built up a youthful yet elegant and undeniably cool path for the label. The Fall Winter 2021 runway collection comes as no exception to that blueprint. The collection is inspired by powerful personalities such as Annie Lenox, Grace Jones, Claude Cahun, Josephine Baker, Sinead O’connor and Lee Miller.


The collection loosely titled “Remember All Tomorrow’s Parties” celebrates our love of fashion with a more nostalgic view for the coming year. The one where we can party freely and dress for a night out without any pandemic worries. But also time when we can celebrate our own personal style throughout the day. 

It’s an Ode to Womanhood, based on iconographic research that explores the concept of time and that reflects on the mythology of a statuesque totem, as re-elaborated and replicated representation throughout various historic epochs. It is also a nod to the empowered, authentic, free women, who have expressed themselves with the same inhibition with which they ventu-red outside social norms and transcended preconceived archetypes. At the core of the collection is the uncertain yet hopeful air that defined the 1920s and that has returned in the present day. Two coinciding eras that share a common Vital Vibe, marked by both dark moments and the yearning for the day parties will once again re-ignite the night,” shares Sportmax team in their collection notes. 

Image courtesy of ©Sportmax
Image courtesy of ©Sportmax
Image courtesy of ©Sportmax

Fallen chandeliers and haunting music take the no-audience runway venue in Milan prepared for the Sportmax fall winter 2021 catwalk show. Serving as a perfect backdrop to the stark lines as the fall winter 2021’s exploration of the new cool. Androgyny comes into play with Claude Cahun as one of the primary sources of inspiration this season, a sculptor, writer and performer known for challenging the gender norms of the early 20th century. The team recognized that age defying spirit of Cahun’s continuing through life and work of Grace Jones, Annie Lennox and Sinead O’Connor.

The collection also looks into the future, with a possibility of our century having its own Roaring Twenties momentum in the coming year. That is where nostalgia and upbeat spirit of Josephine Baker jumps in as part of the Sportmax fall winter 2021 inspiration. The designers daringly explore unexpected lines and proportions, working with surprising parachute like shapes and floor length garments, while their skirt and trousers are lined with extended hems. 

Image courtesy of ©Sportmax
Image courtesy of ©Sportmax
Image courtesy of ©Sportmax
Image courtesy of ©Sportmax

Within the fifty new looks sent down the fashion week’s digital only runway, leather materials stand out for Sportmax once again. The brand is already well known for quality leather craftsmanship, this time the material is used for outerwear but also shirts, skirts and dresses. The season appropriate knitwear is designed with a nod to transparency, the designers have used for the see-through knit pieces soft mohair threads. 

The female totem evolves through a play on monochrome, achieved through a palette of grey, black, white and khaki that is electrified by intense swathes of yellow, red, fuchsia and blues. Within the array of accessories, sophistication, femininity and androgyny are expressed through sandals that reveal the foot through thin straps, contemporised Mary Janes and boots with biker detailing or curly drawstrings. Sac-shaped bags fashioned into knitted pom- poms and austere pochettes crafted with treated leather and illuminated with metallic bands — inject the collection with a sense of bravado,” adds Sportmax team while describing the collection. 

Image courtesy of ©Sportmax

Eyewear is perhaps ready for the times, during covid times eyewear has turned into a chunkier more protective version of itself. While covid-eyewear might not even be that thing we will need the next season, the Sportmax eyewear pieces are designed with elastic bands over the forehead as part of the label’s roaring twenties flapper look interpretation. 

Discover all the looks from Sportmax Fall Winter 2021 collection in our gallery: 

Make up Artist: Fara Homidi
Hair Stylist:
Holly Smith

Discover Sportmax Fall Winter 2021 runway looks in a detailed set of photos featured in our gallery: 


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