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Health & Wellness: How to Find a Personal Trainer

DSCENE health and wellness Editor comes up with a few tips on how to find a personal trainers:

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Ivan by photographer ©Damir Zhukenov for MMSCENE

Many of us looking into fitness as a regular way to stay in shape and healthy want to find a personal trainer who can help them achieve all their workout goals. For those just getting into fitness, finding a personal trainer could make all the difference on your road to getting fit and healthy. However, the question is, how do you find a personal trainer, and what should you be looking out for? The best personal trainers have a set of qualities that allow them to act as facilitators and encouragers to their clients.

This is what you need to look out for when searching for a personal trainer and how you can find one.

Do Your Research

The personal trainer you go for needs to have several quality attributions, and the only way you will know whether they are the right one for you is by doing research. You will want to find out the following: 

  • Do they Have a Passion for Fitness?

It may seem obvious to say it, but the important initial quality that a personal trainer should have isa passion for fitness. After all, it is going to be extremely difficult to sustain the level of enthusiasm required to inspire others if they aren’t passionate about it themselves. If they aren’t passionate, are they going to be able to motivate you the same way a passionate trainer could? And this passion is what makes all of them including us stay fit

Ivan by photographer ©Damir Zhukenov for MMSCENE
  • Are they highly skilled?

As well as the passion for fitness, they also need all the necessary skills to back this up. A personal trainer needs to be able to offer proper techniques and workouts that are really going to achieve results.

  • Do they have any qualifications, licenses, or insurance?

To back up the skills, you will want to look into whether they have required licenses to practice that showcase that they have been through all the proper training themselves. In addition to this, you need to look at whether they have  the organizational side of getting all the right licenses along the way and applying for essential insurance coverage for personal trainers that will keep you properly protected in all sorts of different ways. Very often secure bet is sourcing a trainer through a well recommended gym, or a gym chain already employing only licenced trainers. That said, gyms as well as trainers must have essential insurance. 

Ask Other People

Whether you ask people in person or through the internet, finding out recommendations from others could help you make a decision. For example, while a personal trainer may look great on paper, hitting those above attributions and needs, they might be terrible at communicating. Communication is vital for personal trainers. You will need to establish a close personal as well as professional relationship with your personal trainer. However, if they are not able to communicate well or listen to you, this is going to be harder to achieve and could leave you feeling unwilling to spend time training. You need them to understand your goals and how far you are willing to go to achieve each and every one of them.

Ivan by photographer ©Damir Zhukenov for MMSCENE

However, without listening or communicating effectively, they may push you too hard, making you want to quit. This is just one example of how asking around can make a huge difference. They need to be quite structured in working out the individual goals of the clients and putting together fitness plans.

Discuss With Your Fitness Trainer Where do you like to train

You need to consider where it is you like to train. Whether that is a gym near you, public park, or perhaps if available your own back yard, it all comes down to the communication with your trainer. Your trainer will also know what kind of training surrounding will help you thrive and achieve your workout goal. 

All of these qualities as well as communication will certainly make a grand difference when it comes to achieving a high level of success in the field of personal training, so now is the time to work on any that you are not confident in.

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