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MENSWEAR: Tips To Style Your Bomber Jacket

In this article, you can learn what exactly to wear and how you can look good with different bomber jackets.


Tips To Style Your Bomber Jacket
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A bomber jacket is one of the most classic pieces of outerwear, be it for men or women. Bomber jackets are both versatile and timeless, making them unmatched.

Whether you pair it with jeans or sport a smart casual style with chinos, you will always have an ensemble that will help you stand out. 

In addition to that, jackets make a great item of clothing to layer up when it’s snowing or chilly outside the window. So, they don’t just look great, they also help you keep warm and cozy.

Moreover, if you choose the right fabric, you can certainly style bomber jackets in the summer or spring season as well. In fact, you can turn it into a style statement.

If you also love bomber jackets but are confused about how to style or pair them with your clothes, we will help you out. In this article, you can learn what exactly to wear and how you can look good with different bomber jackets.

Bomber Jacket: What, Where, And How

With so many classic and modern styles available and plenty of colors to choose from, men are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the outfits to wear as per the occasion. Here is a list of a few of those outfits that you can flaunt.


Black Bomber Jacket

The black bomber jacket is a great reliable choice of clothing when creating an outfit. These bomber jackets are made up of Nylon, which makes them sleek and quite lightweight.

Black bomber jackets look the best when worn with a plain white shirt and black jeans. You can finish the monochrome look by putting on white shoes for a semi-casual look.

Black bomber jackets are, in fact, known for giving you an accentuated everyday look. This is one style that never fades away with time.

White Bomber Jacket

A white bomber jacket blends itself well with every outfit of every color, unlike other color bomber jackets. White is perhaps a perfect shade for the sunny days when temperatures are soaring high and dark colors are nothing less of a nightmare.

Additionally, you can even wear it on top of standout prints and jeans to brighten up the look. White bomber also looks perfect on white denim shorts if you are looking for a completely casual look. 

Tips To Style Your Bomber Jacket

Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

The leather bomber jacket is one of the most timeless options for a smart look. The brown leather jacket provides you with an outfit that is heavily inspired by the moto industry.

Leather bomber jackets from Palaleather come in different style, colors, and material that keeps you ahead of the fashion trends.

Additionally, leather bomber jackets give you excellent protection from the cold weather. Leather bomber jackets are perhaps one item that can accentuate even the most casual look in your wardrobe. They are great for dates, bike rides, or even house parties.

If you wish to sport a quirky look, pair a leather bomber jacket with olive chinos and a white shirt.

Suede Bomber Jacket

If you want to try a vintage look, a suede bomber jacket could be what you need. These jackets are inspired by the 70s and the 50s design and make a great winter wear piece.

Also, suede bombers will work perfectly for occasions that demand a smart-casual or semi-formal appearance.


The bomber jacket looks perfect in every sense, and you can easily pair it with what’s already there in your wardrobe. They look great with all types of shirts and lowers. One of the best things about bomber jackets is they make you look perfect effortlessly, regardless of the season. So, add on at least one bomber jacket in your closet and show off a stunning look.

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