6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Occupied at Home

Taking time away from our regular programming, usually focused on fashion and art, our lifestyle editor and a dog mom rounds up 6 ways to keep your dog happy and occupied:

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Dogs are very active animals, and the moment they do not find something interesting to do, they either get bored or lazy. As a dog parent, we’re sure that you wouldn’t want that for your dog. What can you do? Well, we have got you covered! In this write up by our editor and dog mom, we have made a list of things you can do to keep your dog occupied at home!

1. Make them a food treasure hunt

It doesn’t require a dog expert to know that dogs adore food. Be it their daily meals or treats, they are always eager to have a bite. Even when they see you eat, they still look at you with the most innocent puppy eyes -you know that look. So let’s be honest; it’s really hard to say no to them.

Thus, making them a food treasure hunt is a fun activity to keep them occupied. You can hide their favorite treats near their favorite toys and distribute them around the house. You can get such delicious treats in a local store or to make it even easier you can order them online from websites like PETstock.

Make sure to do this when they are sleeping or can’t see you. Then you can ask them to “Fetch the treats,” and if your dog is trained to understand what you say, they will surely sniff out the goodies!

This activity keeps them busy for some time, and they enjoy the treats.

2. Training

Training is important when it comes to well being of your dog. It teaches them how to listen to you and how to be obedient. Obedience might sound like too much for dogs, but it is for their betterment.
You can spend a few minutes every day teaching them how to sit, speak, spin, or stand on command. This helps them in communicating with you. It ensures discipline and patience in them. Besides, you can also ask them to spin, bark, or give a paw in exchange for that very simple treat. A delicious treat makes them excited to learn. 

3. Let them observe

Believe it or not, dogs are very observant when you let them be. They also hear and remember things very well. Thus, one thing you can always do is make them sit by a window or balcony that has a view. It can be a suburban road with cars and people going by, or it can even be a jostling city road. It doesn’t matter what they see; they will be mesmerized.

Like domestic dogs, they don’t get to experience the outside world that much, so letting them see even a part of the neighbourhood helps tremendously. They will spend hours looking at everything in front of them with awe and interest.

4. Water or Ice Tub

This might come as a shock for many of you, however most dogs love ice, and many love water. Depending on what your dog likes, prepare a tub full of either ice or water and tell them that they can go in it and play! They will love splashing in the water or just walking and rubbing their body on the ice.

Make sure you do this in a garden or backyard area, or even a large bathroom works. This is to ensure that it isn’t a mess of water inside your living areas.

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5. Television

Be it a human child or a dog-child; they love to watch television. So spending hours staring at the black screen is not an issue for the cute creatures.

We suggest you put on a dog show or just dog videos from the internet and let your dog watch it. Make them sit a bit away from the screen, and you’re free for at least an hour. They will take a keen interest in the content on display and watch it without complaint.

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6. Invite people

Other than you, your dog must have their favorite people. Be it one of your family members or friends, there has to be someone they love a lot after you. However, sadly an unhappy dog may lead to aggression towards family members, thus keeping your pup engaged is the key. 

You can invite those family members or friends to have a play date with your puppy. It will keep your dog very excited as they will see someone they love, and it will keep them occupied. Both your dog and guest will be too happy to play with each other.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we hope that we have been able to give you useful ideas regarding how to keep your dog occupied at home. Also, we hope your dog will have lots of fun participating in these activities. So do let us know which idea you picked in the comments!

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