Beyond Travel- How To Move To Italy For Good

Let us explain how you can move to Italy and start afresh

Beyond Travel- How To Move To Italy For Good

Italy is an incredible country, making it one of the most popular travel destinations. The climate is amazing, the locales are stunning, the food is delicious, the people are hospitable, and the culture is alluring. Not surprisingly, countless people wish to move to Italy for good and start life afresh. Moreover, the availability of multiple immigration routes is another good reason that makes it a preferred immigration destination.

Since there are different options for aspiring immigrants, you have a chance to get in one way or the other. So you need not worry much about the immigration part, choosing the apt alternative is enough to fulfill your goal. If you wish to learn more about these routes, get in touch with these Italian Citizenship experts who can guide you on dual citizenship options. They can also help you choose the apt one according to your eligibility and circumstances. Let us explain how you can move to Italy and start afresh.

Citizenship by descent

The Jure Sanguinis consulate route is ideal for people with ancestral connections in Italy. Millions of Americans trace their roots to the country, making them eligible for a second passport. The route is perhaps the easiest and fastest one to get in. You only have to validate your connection with the relevant documents from your Italian ancestor’s comune. It may take some effort to obtain the paperwork, but a local citizenship expert can help with their connections.

The process does not have generational limits, so you can qualify through your parents or ancestors beyond. But your ascendant should have been alive after the Italian unification in 1861 and not have naturalized elsewhere before the next person in the bloodline was born. You may fall into an exception with a female ancestor who gave birth before 1948. But you still have the choice to apply through the 1948 Rule court process.

Beyond Travel- How To Move To Italy For Good

Citizenship by marriage

Anyone who marries an Italian citizen can move to the country for good after completing some formalities. The process of obtaining a second passport through this route is mainly about timelines. You can apply two years after tying the knot if residing in Italy, but the period is three years for couples living in another country. However, having biological or adopted children together halves the timeline.

Besides the eligibility time period, you must get a B1 level of proficiency in Italian to qualify for citizenship by marriage. The process is straightforward as you can apply with the necessary documents at your local consulate. However, timelines are the mainstay of the marriage route, so you should be willing to wait for a couple of years. But you can move in with your partner and live as a resident until you qualify for citizenship.

Beyond Travel- How To Move To Italy For Good

Citizenship by naturalization

Citizenship by naturalization is perhaps the longest route, but it is the only alternative for people without ancestral or marital connections in the country. You have to be a resident for a decade to qualify for the route. Options like an investor visa enable you to get Italian residency. Although the journey seems long and daunting, a citizenship expert can guide you about the immigration laws and necessary renewals down the line.

The good thing is that you can avail of the residency benefits as a long-term resident, so life is pretty easy along the way. You can live and work in the country, access educational and healthcare benefits, and travel visa-free across the Schengen region. You can also bring your family members without any extra funding. The citizenship benefits add up once you qualify for naturalization and complete the necessary formalities.

Moving to Italy for good is easier than you imagine because of the myriad citizenship options for aspiring immigrants. You can pick the one that works for you according to your circumstances. You can make the journey smooth by collaborating with a citizenship expert for guidance regarding eligibility, steps, and everything else that goes into obtaining a second passport. They also ensure completion at the earliest by preventing delays due to errors and omissions. It is worth the effort because you get one of the most powerful passports in return. The best part is that you can pass on the benefits to your next generations, so Italian citizenship becomes a family legacy.

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