What to Consider When You Become a Full-Time Artist

Here is a list of the important things to think about before deciding to work as a full-time artist

 Full-Time Artist

Full-time art is arguably the most underrated occupation of all time. The rate at which our world romanticizes the idea of white-collar jobs or any other form of employment has to some degree reached toxic levels. Say you are an artist and a random individual asks what you do for a living. If you respond by saying that you are a full-time artist, you are most likely to be met by a weird confused look followed by multiple follow-up questions.

But you can’t blame anyone; art has been considered a side gig for years. Most artists do not realize that they can live off their art till it’s almost too late. And those that do rarely succeed, given the lack of proper knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to navigate this uncertain climate properly. If, for example, you choose to create fine art full time, would you consider connecting with a fine art shipper to handle your art?

Here is a list of other essential factors to consider when you become a full-time artist.

Your Activities Should Define You

It is critical to acknowledge that transitioning from a part-time artist to a full-time artist is wildly exhausting and challenging. Full-time means you will not only be using the art as an expression of your artistry but also as a source of livelihood. In the long term, making money out of your art may be a priority hence the need for branding.

In this case, let your art define you. Your choice to do full-time art means you’ve been doing it long enough to trust your capability to produce quality work. You can use your experience to find your underlying style and pattern and perfect it. Let your activities define you and you, your activities.

Never Stop Learning

Becoming a full-time artist is also a transition to business ownership. Remember you need to pay rent like everyone else. While interpreting the idea of your art in connection to money to mean you are doing it solely for money is skewed, separating money from your art is impossible, which is why you must equip yourself with necessary entrepreneurial skills.

The consumers determine the overall outcome of what you put out. Thus, the relevance of the design of your art may be a factor of consideration. Keeping in mind that art is timeless and visionary, you must also use your creativity to produce art that appeals to the modern market.

Remember, the Virtual is as Real as the Reality

Picture your future as an artist and bring your vision to life. Working towards a particular goal will guide you towards staying consistent. Consistency will help you effectively navigate the hard part of this full-time art career – making money.

Take risks. Create your art and make multiple gallery submissions. As a business owner, do not shy from marketing yourself. Use available websites to create a professional portfolio that will attract people to your site. Research shows that you are more likely to make sales if you add the link to your site on your social media pages.

full time artist

Stay Proactive

Keep finding more avenues to make money with your art. Gallery representation or selling your art through art fairs are not the only available options to sell your art.

Licensing your artwork is another effective means of earning income with your art. Getting a license for your work will ensure you get paid in any available showcase.

Additionally, given the current surge of online shopping, online platforms can be effective channels through which more of your art can be sold. Take advantage of this online age and sell your art through a social media platform of your choice.

Above all, Have Fun

Your artwork’s entry into the entrepreneurial space may ruin art’s fun and simplicity, but this does not have to be the case. Simply choosing to enjoy the transitioning process by staying curious and enjoying your invention journey restores the fun.

Creativity is influenced mainly by passion which also ignites the fun in doing your artwork. If you are not having fun in your full-time artist journey, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your journey.

To Sum Up

Becoming a full-time artist is a challenging yet rewarding decision any artist could ever make. The most crucial factor to consider is that you are transitioning from doing art purely as a hobby to doing it as a business.

As a full-time artist, you will be an entrepreneur – an individual who shows initiation and takes responsibility for a project which, in this case, is your art.

Images from Meet The Artist Disrupting The Contemporary Art Flow: Vuk Cuk – See the full story here


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